Persona 5-Themed Slot Machines Spotted In Japan

Sega has seemingly released two new gambling devices based on Persona 5. They both feature iconography and characters taken directly from the hit RPG, with fans spotting the Japanese version in pachinko parlors over the weekend.

Called “Pachislot Persona 5,” it’s basically a slot machine that uses in-game items for icons. Match the icons on a 3×3 screen to receive your prize–in this case, pachinko balls. Japanese law doesn’t allow for gambling directly, but pachinko parlors are a bizarre exception. You don’t play for cash in a pachinko parlor. Instead, you receive pachinko balls that can be exchanged for tokens, and then those tokens can be taken outside of the pachinko parlor to be exchanged for cash.

Sega released an instructional video describing Pachislot Persona 5’s features and winning combinations last month (via Persona Central), and it seems like the machine has begun its rollout to pachinko parlors across Japan. Fans spotted it over the weekend, much to their amusement and/or confusion.

It's not just Japan that received a Persona 5-themed slot machine. "Persona 5 Reels" was announced by Sega Sammy (the parent company of Sega, and the owner of quite a few gambling establishments and devices) back in May. This game also features Persona 5 iconography, but it focuses more on the characters rather than in-game items. It's also larger and features a fully animated backsplash. Since there's no need to fool around with pachinko balls, Persona 5 Reels just keeps track of your cash winnings in the upper-right corner until its time to cash out.

Sega isn't just looking to bring Persona into casinos and pachinko parlors. The Persona publisher also wants to bring Atlus IPs to TV and movies, including other franchises like Shin Megami Tensei series, Catherine, and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. Sega said it was communicating with several producers and studios back in June, although no specific announcements have been made just yet.

And next month, Persona 5 Royal makes the jump to Xbox Game Pass, with Persona 3 and Persona 4 Golden to follow soon after.

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