PETA Wants God Of War Ragnarok To Have A "PETA Mode" To Avoid Violence Against Animals

Most people know that anything that stands in the way of Kratos and his main goal is going to end up pulverized. Whether it be with his blades, axe, or bare hands, Kratos has shed buckets of blood over the years and is none too fussed about what creatures that blood comes from. Well, animal rights group PETA would rather Kratos spare a few more loevely animals during his journey through the Nine Realms, and has asked developer Sony Santa Monica to put a "PETA mode" in the game.

In several posts via the official PETA Twitter account, the organization asks Sony Santa Monica to let players experience Ragnarok without having to dish out "violence to animals." Anyone who's even a few hours into Ragnarok will be aware that Kratos pummels a whole bunch of animals that are in his way, but PETA wants there to be a way to avoid all that bloodshed. Be warned that there are mild God of War Ragnarok spoilers ahead.

Specifically, PETA points to the boss fight which takes place between Kratos, Atreus and Garm, a large wolf you have to defeat on your visit to Helheim. PETA argues that this wolf has been chained up in the cold for a long time, with no food or water available to it. Towards the end of the shared video, it urges players to ask for a "PETA mode" which players can activate so they get past Garm without having to hurt him. Noble intentions, sure, but I think Sony Santa Monica have more pressing business to attend to.

This isn't the first time PETA has called upon a big publisher to change one its games either. A more notable example of this was during the launch of Far Cry 6, in which PETA demanded Ubisoft remove the game's – honestly quite distasteful – cockfighting minigame. Nothing was changed in the end, and it's pretty likely the God of War series will have plenty of animal slaughter in future titles.

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