Play As A Cat Observing The Troubles Of A Broken Family In Cats And The Other Lives

The great thing about indie titles is that they often present a completely different gameplay perspective that would otherwise be too risky for mainstream releases. One example is Cultic Games’ narrative-driven experience, Cats and the Other Lives, which gets you into the paws of a house cat.

Life for a normal house cat is a pretty mundane affair, that is until your master dies under suspicious circumstances. In an intriguing game of eavesdropping, you will bear witness to the reunion of a broken family as it comes to terms with the death of your keeper. The characters of the game are hardly sentient, therefore, they will not be aware that their cat is actually controlled by a human. In light of their ignorance, you will be able to hear every private conversation, disturbing detail, and tales of the past to connect the dots surrounding your master’s death.

Aside from chasing mice, walking in on people on the toilet, and trying to steal food off the table, your abilities as the leading cat will be limited. However, that doesn’t mean that the gameplay will be any less engaging. The premise and even the décor of this indie screams Rian Johnson’s hit whodunnit film, Knives Out. As the cat, you’ll be able to solve this case quicker than Benoit Blanc himself. As cats are assumed to have supernatural abilities, you’ll occasionally see ghosts from the past which will also aid your puzzle solving. The only skill you’ll need for this game is detective work, where paying attention to your surroundings and the people around you will help your progress.

On the other hand, there is a darker tone to Cats and the Other Lives. Aside from witnessing the sorrow of a broken, grieving family, you will also learn about your owner’s connection with the occult. Anything occult related always draws a sinister shade over the narrative, and it seems like an interesting overtone to include in an otherwise upbeat existence of playing a cat.

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