Player Disqualified From DreamHack MTG Tournament Over Curled Foil Cards

The player Michael McClure was recently disqualified from the DreamHack Magic: The Gathering tournament on account of some curled foil cards. According to the judges, this would have given McClure something of an unfair advantage even despite curled cards being an incredibly common occurrence.

The player took to Twitter in order to express their discontent over the matter. “Sadly, I am not going to the professional tour, I was disqualified today from DreamHack,” McClure noted. “I had some foils in my deck specifically Secret Lair collected Companys among other foils in my deck and the judge staff cut to them and showed how I could have gained an advantage.”

DreamHack is an esports tournament and gaming convention which is widely known for its Local Area Network parties featuring the fastest internet connections anywhere in the world. In addition to its famous LAN parties, the festival hosts a popular MTG championship in Atlanta, Georgia. “DreamHack Atlanta hosts the culmination of the United States MTG Regional Championship Round 1,” the official description of the event reads. “The best players in the country will compete for $130,000 in cash playing Pioneer Saturday and Sunday. Community members of all types can play Magic with friends old and new with events all day Friday through Sunday. Casual and Commander players are always welcome.”

While the rules about curled foil cards are somewhat unclear, McClure appears to have attracted the attention of the judges. The player was apparently concerned about the matter from the beginning. “I did not use this to my advantage, but I do fully agree with the judge’s decisions and I could have come to them when I believed there could have been a problem with my deck,” the player said. “This is on me for not being more vigilant. This is my fault, but I am nothing less than crushed.”

“I am sorry to those who were rooting for me, I will have to be more vigilant against this in the future if I am fortunate enough to continue having one in MTG, but for now I am going to have to take a break,” McClure pointed out.

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