Players Share Memories Of Lost And Overwritten Game Saves, "Tears Were Shed"

Almost everyone who enjoys video games has at least one memory of a treasured save file getting lost, corrupted, or worst of all, overwritten. It used to happen a lot more back in the olden days of 8MB memory cards and no separate profiles, but it happens today too. Players took to ResetEra to share their woes.

The thread offered people a safe space to talk about their old saves, lost forever. MasterYoshi said, "My son once overwrote my Stardew Valley farm that I had hundreds of hours poured into." They may never be able to look at that child the same way.

On their journey to become the very best, like no one ever was, ClearMetal's sister overwrote their Pokemon Red save file that had a level 96 Charizard on it. This is a pain I share in, as my Gold save with a level 97 Charizard got corrupted.

CrunchyFrog didn't lose an entire game, but they may as well have. Their dad overwrote a Fallout 3 save, and the last one before that was 30 hours of playtime ago. What a dick move from pops in a game about finding your dad.

Some losses are so tough that they put people off of a series forever. WhoaIsThatMars' brother, "who doesn't play racing games at all overwrote their 200-hour Gran Turismo 3 save. "I think I've played the entire franchise for less than 3 hours since that day…"

Three seems to be a cursed number, as Mocha Joe accidentally deleted their own 98 percent complete Jak 3 save file. That had to hurt – finding all the precursor orbs was rough. A similar tale of woe for Donkey Kong Country 3 was told.

DragonHunterG actually kicked their friend out of a sleepover after they purposefully deleted their Pokemon Snap save. We all know when you're at someone else's house they're player one, so to disrupt the natural order of things but ensuring no one is player anything is a really chaotic move.

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