PlayStation Now gets major price cut, adds GTA 5, God Of War, and Uncharted 4

Sony has announced significant changes for its cloud gaming subscription service PS Now, in what may be a test run for the PlayStation 5.

With all the talk of streaming services from Microsoft and Google lately it’s easy to forget that Sony’s PlayStation Now service has been running since 2014.

It’s not exclusively streaming, as you can download games as well, but it seems obvious that the experience Sony has gained from it will be used whenever they unveil their next generation console and services.

In the meantime though PlayStation Now is to get a major, and apparently permanent, price cut, as well as the addition of a number of top tier PlayStation 4 titles.

From today you’ll be able to stream Grand Theft Auto V, God Of War, Uncharted 4, and InFamous: Second Son on PlayStation 4 or PC, or download them straight to your console.

The new games won’t be on PlayStation Now forever but you’ve got till 2 January 2020 to play them, so that should be enough.

In terms of the price, the U.S. has dropped by a full 50%, from $19.99 to $9.99 a month, but in the UK the drop isn’t quite as much.

UK PlayStation Now prices

Monthly: £8.99 (was £12.99)
Quarterly: £22.99
Yearly: £49.99 (was £84.99)

The changes were announced via Sony’s PlayStation Blog, where Vice President of Global Services Grace Chen boasted of more than 700 games – across PlayStation 2, 3, and 4 – with 300 downloadable PlayStation 4 titles.

That’s far more than Game Pass or Google Stadia, even though they’ve been making all the headlines lately, so it’s going to be very interesting to see how Sony’s streaming services change next gen, especially as it will probably be using Microsoft technology.

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