Pokemon: Every Guaranteed Shiny In The Main Series And How To Obtain Them

While the second generation of Pokemon games, Gold & Silver, introduced many new mechanics that would go on to become staples of the series, such as breeding, the Special stat split, and held items, one that has become a fascination among long time fans was the introduction of shiny variants.

While not possessing any higher stats than regular Pokemon, shiny Pokemon are often seen as a badge of honor among players, particularly if they were found through more difficult means such as wild encounters. While there are several ways for you to increase your chances of finding a shiny Pokemon, such as the Masuda Method and the Shiny Charm, there is also a handful of Pokemon that are guaranteed to be shiny across the series.

Gyarados – Gold & Silver, HeartGold & SoulSilver

The most well-known of the guaranteed shiny Pokemon in the series is by far the red Gyarados that can be battled and caught at the Lake of Rage, just north of Mahogany Town in Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, and its remakes, HeartGold & SoulSilver. Unlike every other shiny in the series, this Gyarados didn’t originally begin life as shiny Pokemon and was forced into this form by the interference of Team Rocket, who used their radio waves and the secret base under Mahogany’s general store to enrage the local wildlife.

The red Gyarados also drops the Red Scale, a key item that can be returned to Mr. Pokemon in exchange for the EXP Share item in both the original Gold & Silver as well as its remakes, with the item being dropped even if Gyarados is defeated without capturing it.

Odd Egg – Crystal

Although the Odd Egg isn’t a 100% guaranteed shiny Pokemon, this egg, exclusive to Pokemon Crystal, has a very high chance to be shiny compared to every other egg in the series and is well worth resetting for if you are looking for a shiny Pokemon early in the game.

With a chance to hatch into a Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Magby, Tyrogue, or Elekid, the Odd Egg has a huge 14% to be shiny in international releases of the game and a whopping 50% chance in the original Japanese version. While some of these Pokemon, such as Magby and Elekid, have a lower chance to hatch than others, such as Cleffa and Igglybuff, the fact that the Bike can be obtained right after being given the egg makes it very quick to hatch should you be after a specific shiny Pokemon.

The generation two games also allow you to clone Pokemon and eggs using the PC system, meaning that you can also simply clone several Odd Eggs and hatch them all at once, rather than having to reset after every attempted egg hatch.

Dratini – White 2

It would be several years and generations before the Pokemon series would give us another guaranteed shiny Pokemon, but it was well worth the wait once the Black & White sequels were released, appropriately named Black 2 & White 2. After defeating the Unova League, becoming Champion, and unlocking the ability to reach the post-game area and the White Treehollow, you can attempt to get your hands on a shiny Dratini in Pokemon White 2.

This task is easier said than done, however, as the process involves fighting through a grueling series of battles to climb to the top of the tree before facing off against Alder’s grandson, Benga, in battle. While the trainers in the White Treehollow are no pushover, Benga decides to kick it up a notch with his team consisting of Latias, Dragonite, and Volcarona, all of which being level 80 and incredibly powerful.

After defeating Benga, returning to Alder’s house in Floccesy Town will reward you with a shiny Dratini holding an EXP Share.

Gible – Black 2

As cool as having a shiny Dratini is for players who powered through White 2, those who chose the alternative game, Black 2, get a different pseudo legendary, Gible, for their troubles.

While the post-game area of Black 2 looks a little different, the layout is largely the same and the process for obtaining a shiny Gible is also the same. Instead of climbing the White Treehollow, you must conquer the Black Tower instead, which has many of the same trainers and challenges that the White Treehollow does.

However, the final battle against Benga at the peak of the tower is slightly different, with his team consisting of Latios, Garchomp, and Volcarona, though the respective held items and levels are the same as their White 2 counterparts. After defeating Benga, returning to Floccesy Town in the same way as in White 2 will reward you with a shiny Gible holding an EXP Share.

Haxorus – Black 2 & White 2

The final guaranteed shiny in the mainline Pokemon series – at least for now – is an almighty shiny Haxorus that can be found in both Black 2 & White 2, so long as you have fulfilled the prerequisites.

While registering all Pokemon in the National Dex tends to reward you with a Shiny Charm in most modern Pokemon games, in Black 2 & White 2, there was an additional reward for simply seeing all 300 Pokemon as well. After registering every Pokemon as being seen, returning to Professor Juniper will reward you with the Permit key item, allowing you to travel to the Nature Preserve from Mistralton City.

Traveling to the Nature Preserve will open up several new Pokemon for you to catch, but the most notable Pokemon is the black Haxorus found at the center of the area. Thankfully, just like the red Gyarados, you can save just before trying to capture Haxorus, allowing them to reset for the desired Nature and IVs should you want to use it in more competitive battles.

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