Pokemon Go Team Leaders Receive New Designs And Players Aren’t Impressed

To celebrate the start of a new season, all three of Pokemon Go's Team Leaders (as well as Professor Willow) have received new outfits. Although this would usually be a cause for fan art and celebration, the reaction to these new threads has been less than positive, both because of the style itself and the glitches that have followed.

The outfit change was highlighted by the official Pokemon Go Twitter account, which said, "Pokémon aren’t the only ones looking fresh this Fashion Week! The team leaders appraised their own outfits and decided on a new style this Season". Professor Willow has a much darker outfit that looks like a motorcycle jacket, Spark has swapped the hoodie for a sweater, Candela has opted for more red instead of the red and white, and Blanche… well Blanche has seen a massive downgrade and now looks like they're wearing a school uniform.

Reactions to the Team Leaders' outfits have been pretty mixed, with most of the vitriol going towards Blanche and their weird combination of a sweater and shorts. One comment from ResetEra user Ashodin on a thread discussing the outfits sums it up pretty well, "wtf Blanche became an ultra nerd".

Although the outfits themselves were already getting a fair share of flack for being pretty big downgrades, a lot of the hate has to do with the creepy glitches that have happened because of the update. As shared by Twitter user poke_miners, the update seems to have caused a number of visual glitches for the Team Leaders, including facial features not being in the right place, backgrounds going fuzzy, and limbs looking a bit out of proportion.

Those issues have now thankfully been fixed by Niantic, but it was a bit of a rough start for the new designs, which already weren't the most well-received. It's not clear whether the outfits are just for this season or if they're going to stick with the Team Leaders for some time, but the wording of the Tweet showcasing them seems to imply that they're temporary.

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