Pokemon Red Speedrunner Pokeguy May Have Just Set An Unbeatable World Record

Pokemon Red speedrunning, particularly its any% glitchless category, is very serious business. So serious that despite attempts from some of the community's top performers, the record for the quickest run has stood for two years. That was until this week when pokeguy didn't only break it, he smashed the previous record by more than a minute.

A minute might be nothing to most people, but in speedrunning terms, particularly Pokemon Red speedrunning terms, it's an absolute lifetime. Reported by GamesRadar, pokeguy set the new record on January 25, 2023, finishing Pokemon Red in a record 1:44:03. The previous record which had stood for two years was 1:45:05. A record pokeguy came agonizingly close to breaking in 2022 when they set their best time up until that point of 1:45:06.

Pokeguy actually took a break from Pokemon Red speedrunning last October, returning to the scene just ten days before setting this new record. The speedrunner posted evidence of their new time in disbelief. Naturally, the rest of the community is in awe too. Even previous record holder hwangbro is impressed, labeling the run a category killer.

Others appear to agree with him, labeling the record one that will never be beaten. So, how exactly did pokeguy do it? Well, it might sound silly, but they were just better. Since it's the record for the glitchless run, players aren't allowed to take advantage of any exploits. Pokeguy's run was simply cleaner and the speedrunner got lucky when it comes to the random elements of the game they encountered throughout.

As for whether their new record is truly unbeatable, there's a chance it might well be, but this isn't the first time a claim like this has been made in the speedrunning community only for it to be proven wrong multiple times over. It might take a while, perhaps even longer than the two years the last record stood for, but one day someone might beat pokeguy's record. It might even be pokeguy who breaks it since he's clearly the best Pokemon Red speedrunner out there, and you'd have to imagine he's already been trying to better his best score.

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