Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Victory Road Cortondo Town Walkthrough

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet is finally here, bringing the Ninth Generation of main Pokemon games and the second generation to the Nintendo Switch. During this journey, we must travel across the Paldea Region if we want to uncover the many mysteries and secrets that this land has to offer.

As part of the Victory Road Main Quest, you must travel to Cortondo Town for your first Gym Challenge. As you take your first steps into these fierce fights, you must face a gentle baker on the battlefield if you want to progress.

How To Get To Cortondo Town

Once you begin your Victory Road journey and leave Mesagoza for the first time, take the West gate and walk through the main route that leads to South Province (Area Two). On the western part of this area, you can find Cortondo Town, a very pretty (albeit small) place surrounded by plantations and two Pokemon Centers.

Cortondo Town Gym Test

Get into the Gym building and talk with the officer inside to start your Gym Test. This test will occur outside the building, in a nearby field. You must bump into a giant olive and make it roll across an obstacle course until you reach the end and push it inside a basket. Do it under the limited time you get and you should pass with flying colors.

Cortondo Town Gym Leader: Katy

Once you finish the Gym Test you will be able to challenge Gym Leader Katy, The Sugarbug. She specializes in Bug-type pokemon, using the newly introduced Nymble and Tarountula first, and then a surprising Teddiursa that she will terastallize into a Bug Tera Type. If you chose the Fire-type starter pokemon you should be more than ok since their level is too low to properly resist Fire attacks like Ember.

However, if you chose Sprigatito or are using too many Grass pokemon you may find yourself at a disadvantage, so try to keep your team as leveled up as possible to endure her team's attacks until all her pokemon are down and you obtain your first Gym Badge.

Teddiursa15Normal (Tera Type Bug)

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