Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Victory Road Medali Town Walkthrough

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet are finally here, introducing a lot of new pokemon and a massive region called Paldea. As a student of Naranja or Uva academy, you must undergo several trials and major battles in your quest to be the best trainer!

During your Victory Road adventure, you must defeat numerous Gyms across the region of Paldea to become the Champion, and one of those is the Medali Gym. This one in particular dedicates to Normal-type pokemon, and here's everything you need to know about it.

How To Get To Medali Town

To reach Medali Town, you must exit Cascarrafa and go to the left

Medali Town Gym Test

Get into the Gym building and talk with the officer inside to start your Gym Test. This test will have you figuring out a secret menu item for the restaurant Treasure Eatery, but you won't be the only one. You will begin with one clue, and to get the remaining information you must defeat several trainers across the town since the other challengers will also get clues, and you must get all of them to correctly figure this out.

Trainer Clue How To Solve Answer
Adara "Look out for the odd one at one of the ice cream stands" There's an ice cream stand in town with a very different item on its menu. Grilled Riceballs
Santiago "Listen closely to the blue bird pokemon" If you see a trainer with their speaking Squawkabilly, stay until it mentions an odd phrase. Medium Size
Gisela "A dark spot surrounded by stairs" Go to the theatre ruins at one of the edges of the city and interact with the gate, it'll give you the answer. Fire Blast Style
You "Find out how the regulars season their dishes" Get inside the Treasure Eatery and ask everyone until a regular mentions their seasoning. Lemon Garnish

Medali Town Gym Leader: Larry

Once you entered the Treasure Eatery, you have to order the secret menu item. If done correctly, the Gym Leader should show up, a Normal-type pokemon trainer called Larry, The Exceptional Everyman. This foe will start misleading you with a harmless Komala and then change to Dunsparce's new evolution, Dundunsparce, which hits like a truck at full speed.

You must keep in mind to have Fighting-type members in your team like Tauros and Primeape, or at least pokemon that can use Fighting-type moves, like Pawmo or Charcadier. Once you finish Dundunsparce he will send a Staraptor with Normal Tera Type, and for that you can either use Fighting-type pokemon, or Ice and Electric-type moves (Pawmo is useful for this fight if you train it well). Defeat Larry's final pokemon and you will obtain the Normal Gym Badge!

Pokemon Level Type
Komala 35 Normal
Dudunsparce 35 Normal
Staraptor 35 Flying/Normal (Tera Type Normal)

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