Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Best Normal-Types

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduces many new Pokemon in the Paldea region. It still includes a lot of fan favorites, however. There are Pokemon to catch for all players, including those who enjoy the basic Normal-types. Though not as popular as other types, Normal-types have plenty of benefits.

They are immune to Ghost-type attacks and are only weak to Fighting-type moves. Everything else simply damages them normally. That makes Normal-types a valuable asset with the Terastallization phenomenon found exclusively in Paldea. From new to old, there are quite a few incredible Normal-types for you to catch in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

10/10 Blissey

Blissey is the evolved form of Chansey and the final form of Happiny. It is known as the Happiness Pokemon and is quite rare in Paldea. Chansey itself can be found in a number of places, but it is hard to locate its evolved version without simply causing the evolution.

Blissey is one of the tankiest Pokemon and that fact remains in Scarlet & Violet. It comes with a base 255 HP stat and a Special Defense of 135. If you want a bulky Normal-type to add to your team, Blissey is the way to go.

9/10 Ditto

Ditto is one of the most unique Pokemon of all time. This Normal-type is capable of breeding with just about any other Pokemon to produce Eggs. It is a popular choice if you are trying to breed a specific Pokemon for competitive battling.

It is a solid battler in its own right as well. Each base stat starts at 48, but it can be trained to improve those. With its signature move, Transform, it will copy the appearance and moveset of the opposing Pokemon across from it at the time. This allows for some tricky battle tactics that can throw off an opponent's game plan.

8/10 Oinkologne

Lechonk, the beloved Hog Pokemon, evolves into Oinkologne at level 18. It comes with two different forms, depending on if your Pokemon is male or female. The male form is a darker version with its ears covering its eyes while the female version is lighter and its eyes are more visible.

The two versions also have different base stats. The male version has a focus towards attacking stats and the female is more defensive. It is capable of learning a variety of different move types through TM, making it a versatile choice for a playthrough.

7/10 Staraptor

Staraptor was introduced in Generation IV and is the final form of Starly. It has always been a dominant Pokemon, as arguably one of the best Normal/Flying-types the franchise has ever seen. This is due to its Intimidate ability that lowers opposing Pokemon's Attack stat, along with its amazing Speed.

The base Speed for Staraptor is 100 and is coupled with a 120 Attack. It does receive a few more weaknesses than the pure Normal-types do, but it also comes with an added immunity to Ground-type attacks. There are a lot of hard-hitting moves that Staraptor can learn that make it a powerful option in battle.

6/10 Grafaiai

One of the most anticipated new Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet is Grafaiai. It is the Toxic Monkey Pokemon, a Poison/Normal-type, that evolves from Shroodle at level 28. When you approach its habitat in the game, you'll notice the base of trees and rock formations covered in graffiti-like paint.

That makes it easy to spot where this creature roams, so you can encounter one and catch it. Then you'll be able to utilize its Poison-type attacks to chip away the HP of others. Being able to inflict the Poison status is invaluable in tough battles.

5/10 Eevee

Eevee is easily one of the most popular Pokemon of all-time. It is once again front and center during Scarlet & Violet. This Normal-type's specialty comes from its ability to evolve into a variety of different creatures.

This makes it a very useful Pokemon because you can have it fit your needs instead of forming a strategy around what Eevee is capable of. With its potential, you'll want to catch and train it with the intention of evolving it into something powerful.

4/10 Dudunsparce

Dunsparce finally received an evolution with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. It evolves into Dudunsparce at any level as long as the Dunsparce knows the move Hyper Drill. Then, it has the chance of becoming one of two Dudunsparce forms.

The Two-Segment form essentially gives it a second body and the Three-Segment form adds a third. The latter is extremely rare with only a 1/100 chance of happening upon evolution. The stats are the same for both forms, however. It's a solid choice with 125 base HP and 100 base Attack.

3/10 Farigiraf

As a Normal/Psychic-type Pokemon, players often wondered when Girafarig would get an evolution of its own. That happened with Scarlet & Violet. Farigiraf is the evolved form when Girafarig levels up while knowing the move Twin Beam.

Its amazing Armor Tail ability makes it immune to any attack that has increased priority in battle. Think of Fake Out or Sucker Punch. A Psychic-type would normally be weak to Ghost-type attacks, but the dual Normal-typing makes it immune. That gives Farigiraf many advantages in battle for it to utilize is high Special Attack stat.

2/10 Cyclizar

Cyclizar does not evolve into any other Pokemon as a Dragon/Normal-type. It is said to be the beginning form of the legendary Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet. Koraidon is an ancient evolution and Moraidon is one from the future.

Trainers are seen using Cyclizar as a form of travel all throughout Paldea. This gives way to its fantastic Speed, with a base stat of 121. The Dragon-typing does add additional weaknesses, but it is one of the strongest Pokemon types in existence regardless.

1/10 Maushold

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has brought Tandemaus and its evolved form of Maushold to the Pokedex. Maushold is a play on the word "household," as it is known as the Family Pokemon. Upon evolution, Tandemaus gains a child or two to become Maushold. The larger version, the Family of Four Form, adds two children and is actually more common than the Family of Three Form.

This has a 1/100 chance of taking place. It quickly has become one of the best Normal-types in the game with its signature move. Population Bomb can hit a target up to ten times in a row. If any misses, the move ends, but there are items that can make it extremely accurate. This is one dangerous family of mice.

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