Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Saddest Pokedex Entries

There's a large range of styles and vibes when reading Pokedex entries in any game, ranging from cute to outright scary. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet does not break that trend and has several new and interesting Pokedex entries.

It's been memed how sad, violent, and even spooky several of the past Pokedex entries have been, and all that is here in the Scarlet and Violet Pokedex as well. Some of these dex entries will make your heart sink as you read them, and here are the most heartbreaking.

10/10 Flamigo

Flamigo has a few things going for it, and thus has become one of the more beloved Pokemon in the game. It's the first actual flamingo Pokemon, and it has the rare typing of Flying and Fighting. It appears the fans were right to demand a flamingo Pokemon for so many years.

According to its Scarlet Pokedex entry, Flamigo apparently ties the base of its neck to contain some sort of energy that's stored in its belly. What does this energy do? Why is Flamigo so afraid of letting it out? We do not know, but it is kinda sad that it literally has to tie a knot with its neck to contain its energy.

9/10 Toedscool

Edible Pokemon parts and hunting Pokemon as prey has been a point of discussion among fans for many years now. However, few games' Pokedex entries leaned into the idea as obviously as Scarlet and Violet.

This Tentacool lookalike is described in the Scarlet Pokedex as having flaps that fall from its body, and that they are chewy and delicious. Considering how the Pokedex entries are written by humans, it seems that Paldeans have been enjoying themselves some Toedscool flaps for a while. It's always sad when a Pokemon is eaten, and Toedscool delicacies are talked about so casually that it becomes heartbreaking.

8/10 Rellor

Rellor is a great design, being a dung beetle that keeps rolling its ball of mud and dirt. It's a very inspired design, but unfortunately Rellor appears in the Pokedex as a very sad little bug. To begin with, Rellor is said to roll its ball around until it evolves, which makes it feel like just a stepping stone to get to Rabsca, which is rude towards the little guy.

In its Scarlet entry though, it's claimed that Rellor values its mud ball more than its own life. This Pokemon has an obsession with rolling its ball to a saddening degree. You deserve love on your own Rellor; don't be too hard on yourself.

7/10 Klawf

Klawf is one of the Pokemon released months before the games' release, and its extremely derpy look captured the hearts of many. It has an original and interesting design, being a large rock crab.

While its description in the Violet Dex is that of a predator, it appears a bit of a pathetic one in the Scarlet dex. The entry describes how Klaw hangs upside down and waits for prey. However, blood rushes to its head, and thus it can't remain in that position for long. Klawf is an amazing design and a cute Pokemon, but makes for a sad predator, which is its one job.

6/10 Tinkatink

Tinkatink is an adorable small Fairy-type that carries around a hammer it made itself. Both Tinkatink and its fully evolved form Tinkaton are amongst the most beloved Pokemon of this generation by far. However, before building the ultimate weapon in its final form, Tinkatink is a bit of a weakling.

The Scarlet Pokedex entry for Tinkatink explains that its hammer is often stolen by Pokemon that eat metal. Imagine building your character entirely around this one gimmick, and then losing it to some wild Pokemon. Luckily though, Tinkatink's Violet entry talks about how it remakes its hammer again and again, meaning it'll not be without a weapon for too long.

5/10 Ceruledge

Transitioning into actually sad and dark territory, we have Ceruledge, the amazing Fire and Ghost type. This badass and edgy Pokemon is a strong one to begin with, and the design led many to gravitate towards it. Ceruledge has a dark past, though.

According to the Pokemon Scarlet Pokedex, Ceruledge's arm blades burn fiercely with the lingering resentment of a sword wielder who fell before accomplishing their goal. This Ghost type is the embodiment of unfinished business and resentment, making it one of the saddest Pokemon in Generation Nine.

4/10 Annihilape

Annihilape is the newly introduced evolution to the iconic Kanto Pokemon Primeape. Primeape already had some wild Pokedex entries, talking about how it dies due to how angry it is sometimes. Well, Annihilape is what happens afterwards. Some dread is expected from Ghost types, but Annihilape takes it to another level.

Annihilape, according to the Pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet, grew so angry that it is now not held back by the physical world. That is metal and sad at the same time. We are yet to find out what makes Primeape so angry, but it was enough to die due to anger and then come back as a Ghost type.

3/10 Bramblin

Bramblin potentially has one of the most outright depressing Pokedex entries in all of Pokemon. Yes, there were horrific entries throughout the years, but few feel as purposefully sad as this one.

According to its Scarlet dex entry, a soul was unable to move on to the afterlife, and was blown around by the wind. Until, eventually, it became tangled up with some dried grass and became Bramblin. A tumbleweed Pokemon is a great design idea, to be fair, but it really didn't have to be this much of a downer. A soul, drifting around without purpose by the wind…

2/10 Greavard

Greavard is one of the many dog-like Pokemon introduced this generation, and due to its looks, demeanor and reveal, it's a loveable Ghost type. However, its Pokedex entries reveal how heartbreaking of an existence this dog has.

According to the Pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet, it's a dog Pokemon that died in the wild without ever interacting with a human in its life. This is Pixar levels of trying to get you emotional. It's so lonely that it follows someone who pays it even a little attention forever.

1/10 Legendary Quartet

The Ruinous Pokemon quarter of Ting-Lu, Chien-Pao, Wo-Chien and Chi-Yu is a set of unique Legendary Pokemon. You have to collect some items and then break their seal to even encounter them. They all have great stats and strong abilities, but unfortunately, under all of that, these are very sad creatures.

These Pokemon are all the embodiments of specific feelings materializing. The fear poured into an ancient ritual vessel, the hatred of those perished by a sword, the grudge of a person punished for being honest, and the envy that caused many a conflict. It almost makes these Pokemon feel more like Elden Ring bosses than cuddly friends. Kudos to Game Freak for making these legendaries memorable, but it does get dark when you check the Pokedex.

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