Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Bug Lets Players Skip School

The user on Reddit going by the name of GalaxyHunter17 recently discovered a bug in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet which allows players to skip school, effectively bypassing the story. This of course only represents the latest in a long line of bugs and glitches in the recently released game.

The process involves making use of a location jump which gives players access to Area 4 without having taken part in the tutorial. “Immediately after you get turned loose in the initial area around Los Platos, you're supposed to head up to the school in order to do Arceus only knows what,” GalaxyHunter17 explained on the social media platform. “I wouldn't know, I managed to exit the starting area without going to the school and never went back or officially started the story.”

GalaxyHunter17 goes on to explain that “directly to the Southwest of Los Platos, there's a pair of cliffs separated by a pretty significant gap. One is accessible from the starting area, the other, across the gap, leads to South Area 4 and a bunch of high level Pokemon. Normally you're supposed to go follow the tutorial, enter the school, and start the entire game's plot from there.”

“Instead, If you hug the cliff face and slowly walk towards the Area 4 cliff, you'll get stuck on a small ledge between and below both cliffs. From there, you can target one of the (Level 20 or so) Pokemon on the Area 4 side and abuse the 'teleporting trainer' aspect of battles to move into Area 4. Doing so allows you to bypass the school quest gating system and begin exploring without any of those triggers engaging.”

Skipping school however comes with a few caveats, the diurnal cycle for example appearing to be somehow tied to the story. GalaxyHunter17 also pointed out that “gym access is disabled” and “all Team Star Bases are abandoned and sealed shut. Interacting with the button on the door does nothing.”

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