Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How To Get Ting-Lu

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet brings players to Paldea, the newest region full of life and adventures! During your journey, you will meet numerous characters and capture a lot of pocket monsters, and some of them are rarer than others.

One of those rare pokemon is Ting-Lu, one of the newest additions in Scarlet & Violet. This Dark/Ground-Type bull is one of the four legendaries belonging to the Treasures Of Ruin group. But to capture it, you must follow a specific process, and here we'll tell you about it.

Who Is Ting-Lu?

Ting-Lu is the "Vessel of Ruin", one of the four members of a group of infamous legendaries called the Treasures Of Ruin. These pokemon share the same theme and story, with the four of them being originally treasures that came to life due to a concentration of dark energies, brought to Paldea to be sealed forever. However, it is possible to unseal and capture it if you want to add it to your collection.

How To Obtain Ting-Lu?

This legendary pokemon can be found behind a sealed gate located in the center of Socarrat Trail, in the Casseroya Lake area. You can find it in the location displayed below:

However, to open the door you need to find and pull eight stakes out of the ground. These stakes will be spread across the various regions surrounding Casseroya Lake, and while they're all pretty much out in the open, they can be tricky to spot. You can find them in the following locations.

Ting-Lu Stake Locations

Stake Location Image Map
Stake #1 This stake will be on a platform right at the meet point between West Province (Area Three) and Glaseado Mountain.
Stake #2 This stake can be found in the Top Left area of Casseroya Lake, right before the North Paldean Sea begins.
Stake #3 Right in the zone where Glaseado Mountain and Socarrat Trail meet, you will find this stake on one side of the mountain.
Stake #4 In the center islet of Casseroya Lake, go to the right side and you should be able to get this stake.
Stake #5 Also on an islet on the southern side of Casseroya Lake, it'll rest on a very small portion of land.
Stake #6 Located in West Province (Area Two), you can easily spot this stake from the Casseroya Watchtower No.1.
Stake #7 From the last stake's location, come inside the caves and you will spot this stake sitting on top of a stone platform.
Stake #8 You can find this stake in the top left of West Province (Area Two), right before the Casseroya Lake zone begins.

Legendary Battle – Ting-Lu

Once you have pulled all the stakes, the game will tell you that noise comes from the previously sealed gate. Go there and open it so Ting-Lu comes out and challenges you to a battle. It will have the ability "Vessel of Ruin", which lowers the Sp. Atk stats of your pokemon, so be sure to bring physically-focused pokemon against it. It also has a Dark/Ground type, so the best options against him are Water, Grass, Bug, Fighting, Fairy, and Ice moves.

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