Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Leaker Finds Time Travelling ‘Mons But No New Eevee Evolution

Pokemon will follow up on one of its busiest years ever by launching Scarlet & Violet this November. Details on the next games in the main series are still pretty sparse, but a new leak has potentially revealed some interesting information. If accurate, the theory that Scarlet & Violet's story will be rooted in time travel appears to be true, but hopes of a new Eeveelution being introduced have been dashed.

The new information comes courtesy of Twitter account Centro Leaks, which in turn has received the info from an unnamed source. By no means confirmation that everything in the series of tweets is true, but Centro Leaks has been right in the past. At the very top of Centro's list is the reveal that according to this latest leak, there will be no new Eeveelution introduced in Scarlet & Violet.

The belief that a new Eeveelution might be introduced in the next games stems partly from Pokemon Master Journeys. Chloe was unable to get her Eevee to evolve, hinting that the Pokemon might bring about the debut of a new Eevee evolution. It will have also been three generations of Pokemon since the last Eeveelutions were introduced, the first time there has ever been more than two gens between new Eevee evolutions.

The other big takeaway from the leak is time-traveling Pokemon. Trainers immediately noticed many of Sacrlet's elements seem to be based in the past, whereas the Violet counterparts are much more futuristic. According to the leak, Pokemon will be able to travel through time, but trainers will not. Other info, which you can check out in the tweets above, claims the regional dex will be made up of as many as 500 Pokemon, but Joltik, Metagross, and Jynx won't be a part of it.

Scarlet & Violet were revealed earlier this year, much to the surprise of most considering how many Pokemon games have already launched in the past 18 months. We've seen the starters, and new Pokemon Lechonk has stolen the hearts of everyone who plans to play the games. The games also appear to be inspired by Spain, much like other games in the series have taken inspiration from other parts of the world.

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