Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players Are Battling With Big Bacon Towers

I’m on the fence over Scarlet & Violet’s new picnic cooking game. On the one hand, sandwiches make a lot of sense as a meal for an on-the-go Pokemon trainer, but on the other hand, the sandwich consumption mechanics are sort of… bizarre. It really looks like you’re just chomping down on thin air and then fist-pumping the successful consumption of your imaginary sandwich.

What that imaginary sandwich really needs is more meat. Luckily, there’s a game that’s teaching Pokemon trainers the importance of protein. It’s called Big Bacon Towers, and it involves making the biggest bacon sandwich the world of Pokemon has ever seen.

Bacon Tower Battles, as reported by Automaton Media (via Games Radar), has no rules except one: make a sandwich made out of as much bacon as possible. This means getting into Scarlet & Violet’s Creative cooking mode instead of the Recipe mode as you need to fill all six ingredient slots with bacon. After that, the goal is to stack your bacon bricks to the cosmos.

Do not be fooled into thinking this game is merely a battle of precision. It’s true you can’t change the orientation of the bacon strips, meaning there’s little to do other than pick up and place your meat cubes, but that can be harder than it looks. The bacon itself doesn't jiggle, but the giant stack sways in a way that sort of makes it look like it does. And that can make placing the bacon a challenge.

And then there’s the problem with the top bun, which can be virtually impossible to place without sliding off and leading to a reduction in the sandwich's potency. Luckily, Scarlet & Violet's trainers have discovered a glitch that allows the completion of the challenge without actually needing the top bun. If the top bun slides off, your bacon sandwich loses flavor, but if you just pick up the bun and toss it off the plate, your sandwich retains 100% of its open-faced potency.

As for strategy, you can go with a wide-based pyramid plan or a singular stack of bacon blocks that rise to the stratosphere. That’s up for the four players of Bacon Tower Battles to negotiate prior to construction.

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