Pokemon Sword & Shield: Every New Item In The Crown Tundra

The Crown Tundra has added a massive amount of new content to Pokemon Sword & Shield. There are new and old Pokemon roaming this massive territory and several brand new moves, but those planning to put a lot of time into their game are surely going to be excited for the new items that this DLC brings.

There are a few Key Items, resources, and evolutionary items that you’ll find throughout your adventures in the Crown Tundra. To make sure none of them are wasted, it’s important to know just what each item is for and where to find them all.

Legendary Clues

The Legendary Clues are helpful, but hardly a vital Key Item you’ll receive. Opening these in your bag will give you hints as to where you’ll find each Legendary Pokemon in the quests given out by Peony throughout the Crown Tundra’s story. There’s one for the Regis, Legendary Birds, Calyrex, and the Ultra Beasts.

Each of them is available from Peony, but they’re hardly worth checking unless you’re fully lost on where to go. They have the riddles to open the Regi Temple doors with missing letters, but since each hint is fully spelled on the doors themselves, you won’t likely need them. Once you’ve captured all the legendary creatures in the first three clues, and Necrozma in a Dynamax Adventure for the Ultra Beasts clue, they’re all but useless.

Dynite Ore

Much more useful is Dynite Ore, the main recurring resource you’ll find across the Crown Tundra. This item is essentially a currency, being similar to the Armorite Ore in that certain characters throughout the new region accept it instead of money, watts, or battle points. The main place to spend it is with the backpacker in the Dynamax Adventure hub, standing by an adorable Sableye.

As for where you get this item, you can find it nearly anywhere. There are some laying on the ground each day throughout the Crown Tundra, they’ll show up as Battle Stadium Rewards at the end of each ranked battle season, and you’ll even find them in Max Raid Battles started from the dens in the Crown Tundra. Getting a lot can take a while, but hold onto all of them.

Wooden Crown And Radiant Petal

The Wooden Crown and Radiant Petal are two more incredibly brief Key Items that’ll be consumed throughout the Calyrex story. The first is the Wooden Crown, a round artifact that former Gym Leader Peony claims to have been using as a deeply uncomfortable pillow. Putting it on the headless statue of a Pokemon on a horse in the Freezington town square will eliminate it.

The other item is the Radiant Petal, a gift from Calyrex that’s required to make the Reigns of Unity. Thankfully, the other pieces aren’t too far from you, meaning this will remain in your inventory for only a short time. Thankfully, being a Key Item prevents you from throwing it away in case you abandon this quest and wish to return later.

Carrot Seeds And Carrots

A long portion of the Crown Tundra storyline involves planting carrots with Calyrex, and with it are two consumable Key Items. The first is a bag of Carrot Seeds, which you can exchange for Dynite Ore one time with a farmer in the small town of Freezington. Afterward, you’ll never be able to grow more carrots.

This is important because, depending on which field you plant the seeds in, you’ll get a different legendary horse for Calyrex to ride. Planting it in the graveyard will give you Spectrier, a Ghost-type steed with high Special Attack and Speed stats. Meanwhile, planting in the frozen field will give you Glastrier, an Ice-type donkey with ridiculous Attack and Defense stats. You can only get one of the horses per game, so choose very carefully.

Mane Hair And The Reins Of Unity

The other pieces of the Reigns of Unity are the Mane Hairs, two items each exclusive to the steeds you choose Calyrex to ride. The White Mane will be dropped by Glastrier, just after you confront the furious horse in Freezington in a brief battle. Once again, you will only encounter Glastrier if you plant the carrots in the frozen field.

As for the Black Mane Hair, that will be dropped by Spectrier after an identical battle in Freezington. Planting the carrots in the graveyard is the only way to get this encounter and item, but it won’t be around long as you use them with the Radiant Petal to craft Calyrex’s legendary reigns shortly after. Once Calyrex and its steed are obtained, you can use the Rain of Unity to fuse them together if they’re both in your party.

Galarica Wreath

The last two items are likely the most important, being more typical consumables that’ll give some actual changes to your Pokemon. The first is the Galarica Wreath, something crafted with Galarcia Twigs found beneath trees in both the Crown Tundra and the Isle of Armor.

Originally, you could only craft them into the Galarica Cuff to evolve Galarian Slowpoke into a Galarian Slowbro. The Wreath will instead evolve it into Galarian Slowking, another Poison and Psychic-type tank with high defensive stats and a solid Special Attack stat. If you wish to complete your Pokedex, you’ll have to get one by giving ten twigs to a woman in a cave amid the Frigid Sea.

Ability Patch

The final item is easily the most valuable addition of the entire Crown Tundra update, as it makes competitive battling far more accessible to both new and old players. This would be the Ability Patch, an expensive item from the Dynamax Adventure vendor that will give any Pokemon their hidden ability.

Since these are normally only available through Max Raid Battles, events, and transfers from old games, this means nearly any Pokemon can have their rarer ability with significantly less luck and effort involved. The Ability Patch costs a whopping 200 Dynite Ore, which can take nearly twenty Dynamax Adventures to get, but given how strong it can make certain Pokemon, it’s absolutely worth the cost

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