Pokemon TCG – Every Fighting-Type Pokemon In Crown Zenith, Ranked

With Crown Zenith, the face of the Pokemon TCG is changing for the future. Crown Zenith is a special collection set, not a traditional expansion like most other Pokemon TCG sets, and with it comes a bunch of new cards, artwork, and higher pull rates for those chase cards everyone wants.

Fighting-type Pokemon don’t get as much love as other types in Crown Zenith, but that doesn’t mean there aren't some fun and exciting cards in it. Whether you’re looking to rip open packs for your favorite cards or trying to hunt down specific ones for a deck, these Fighting-type cards will make a great addition to your collection.

9 Baltoy

Not every Pokemon card needs to be the most powerful or the most sought-after. There’s a common saying among Pokemon fans that every Pokemon is at least someone’s favorite. If you’re a Baltoy fan, you might want to hunt down one of these cuties.

This Baltoy looks like it’s about to come up and boop you in the nose like the mischievous little Pokemon it is. As far as the card itself goes, this Baltoy is fairly middling, but always has the potential to evolve into its more powerful form, Claydol.

8 Pancham

Look at this feisty little Pokemon. There it is, up in its tree with a leaf in its mouth and a chip on its shoulder.

Despite its confidence and pure attitude, this little Pancham doesn’t pack much of a punch. Luckily with 70 HP, it can take a punch or two until it evolves into the Dark-type Pangoro, upgrading its attacks but still keeping its familiar attitude.

7 Riolu

Squeaking past Pancham on this list is Riolu. The blue, dog-like Emanation Pokémon also has plenty of spunk, with its artwork depicting Riolu possibly training its ability to feel other people’s Aura. This card deals out a little more damage than Pancham, hitting for 50 damage for two Fighting Energy.

Riolu’s flavor text is particularly interesting on this card, revealing that a Riolu has more than enough energy to run for a whole night. If you’re a trainer with a Riolu at home, the flavor text reveals that taking it on a walk can be a feat of endurance all on its own.

6 Riolu – Galarian Gallery

A second printing of Riolu, but this time with a twist on the artwork. The Galarian Gallery Riolu has the same Low Kick attack as the regular one but now features a fancy full art look. The illustration on the Galarian Gallery Riolu is actually part of a larger nine-card art collection, where each card features the art of a larger illustration.

If you’re interested in collecting and showing off Pokemon cards, adding Riolu and the other eight cards would make a wonderful addition to your binder.

5 Rockruff

Rockruff can be a tricky Pokemon card to play. If you’re lucky, it can get you out of a tight spot with its Invite Out attack.

If you hit heads on your coin flip, you get to force one of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon with their Active one, disrupting your opponent’s plans for at least a turn or two. With Invite Out, it can stall for a bit until you’re able to evolve it into Lycanrock and start doing some real damage.

4 Graveler

This intense Graveler comes out swinging early and deals a good chunk of damage once you get a few energies on it. Its first attack with only one energy deals a fine 30 damage while its second attack dishes out a more respectable 70 damage.

The art for Graveler is what really brings the card together. The illustration is intense, action-packed, and feels like Graveler is on its way to a fight.

3 Solrock

This Solrock doesn’t do much on its own. However, it can be a powerful engine to accelerate some of your other strategies. Solrock’s power comes from its unique ability, Sun Energy, which allows it to return one Psychic Energy from your discard pile and attach it to a Lunatone you control. It can be any Lunatone card, so long as it's in play.

This synergy can help accelerate an aggressive play or help you recover after losing a Pokemon with Psychic Energy already attached to it.

2 Solrock – Galarian Gallery

The Galarian Gallery version of Solrock in Crown Zenith has all the same abilities and attacks as the regular card, but this version comes with a distinct art upgrade. Now as a full art version, the Galarian Gallery Solrock depicts a Solrock partially embedded in the earth as the sun rises. Around it, a Volbeat and an Illumise investigate the sleepy Pokemon.

This Solrock has a companion card in the Galarian Gallery Lunatone, where the same Volbeat and Illumise have gathered around a wide-awake Lunatone surrounded by an ethereal valley.

1 Lycanrock

Lycanrock is by far one the best Fighting-type Pokemon from Crown Zenith. For just two energy, you can use its Midnight Fang attack, dealing a staggering 240 damage to your opponent’s active Pokemon. There is a drawback of course, where it will deal 80 less damage for each energy attached to your opponent’s active Pokemon.

Even then, with one energy on it, you’re still dealing an impressive 160 damage. With cards like Crushing Hammer to help knock off your opponent’s energies, Lycanrock can be set up to deal tons of damage.

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