Pokemon That Use Tools And Weapons In Battle

The abilities that Pokemon wield are beyond imagination. Each one is capable of manipulating the various elements of the world to unleash a multitude of attacks that break the very laws of reality. As powerful and as devastating as these attacks are, they're widely accepted as the only means Pokemon have to fight, but that's not always the case.

While every Pokemon possess the ability to manipulate the forces of nature, some have other means to engage in combat. There are a few Pokemon that just prefer to use weapons and tools to aid them in combat rather than the elements. They are not many, but they're just as capable as any other Pokemon.

9 Farfetch'd And Galarian Farfetch'd

One wouldn't think that a simple leek could be used as a viable weapon, but Kanto's wild duck Pokemon would beg to disagree. Using what many would consider an ingredient for cooking, Farfetch'd become a veritable swordsman. The Pokemon has even developed several fighting styles that incorporate the use of the leek, practically making it a part of the Pokemon itself.

The Farfetch'd of Galar follow the same habits of their Kantonian counterpart. They, too, use leeks for combat, though the ones they choose are significantly larger. Because of the weight of their leeks, these Farfetch'd would wield them like one would a great sword or javelin. Additionally, because wield larger leeks, Galarian Farfetch'd have become fighting types as opposed to flying.

8 Sirfetch'd

As the evolved form of Galarian Farfetch'd, Sirfetch'd also wields a leek in battle, but in a much different fashion than either version of Farfetch'd. Its leek evolves with Sirfetch'd, becoming two separate parts. The stem becomes a wickedly sharp blade while the leaves harden into a shield capable of withstanding the most brutal of attacks.

Like the knights of old that it's based on, Sirfetch'd wields both parts of its leek in battle. Its blade is used as a combination of a sword and a lance to keep its opponents at a respectable distance while its shield fends off attacks from those that slip past its attacks. These leeks are so crucial to a Sirfetch'd way of life that, when its leek inevitable withers, the Pokemon will retire.

7 Cubone And Marowak

The life of Cubone and Marowak is one of the many tragedies hidden behind the bright, colorful veil that the Pokemon world projects. The story of how Cubone wears the skull of its dead mother haunts the dreams of a generation. Disturbing origins aside, both Cubone and Marowak's skeletal aesthetic isn't just keyed to their looks but also their way to battle.

Both Pokemon use bones from an unknown origin to aid them in battle. They wield them like clubs or even boomerangs at times. They even have signature moves based around these weapons. Even the Alolan variant uses their bones in such a manner, though they are wielded more like staves than clubs; they too gain the signature moves of Cubone and Kantonian Marowak.

6 The Oshawott Line

The seashells on Oshawott and Dewott's bodies aren't just for show. These shells are known as scalchops and, while they are technically a part of both of these Pokemon, they can be removed and used in battle. The shells are fairly durable, capable of protecting both Pokemon from super-effective hits, and are essential for Oshawott and Dewott to use the move Razor Shell.

Samurott's far more blade-like seamitars function much like its previous forms' scalchops, making Samurott a fearsome opponent to face in battle. Scalchops and seamitars are all made of the same keratin material that fingernails are made from and, like fingernails, they can be regrown if broken or lost.

5 Kadabra And Alakazam

The stereotypical spell casters of fantasy almost always have some kind of focus to help them control their magic. Whether it be a wand, a staff, or some kind of gemstone, these foci go practically hand-in-hand with a mage, and what are Kadabra and Alakazam but the Pokemon world's mages? Their entire line is based on the famous magic words after all.

While the two psychic types don't use a 'traditional' spell focus, their spoons are just as much a part of them as their mustaches. Both Kadabra and Alakazam can function without their spoons, but their telekinetic powers are cut in half without them. Their spoons can also be used as cutlery and anything eaten with them is said to taste delicious.

4 The Timburr Line

Where the majority of item-wielding Pokemon use their specific item to aid them in battle, members of the Timburr line use theirs as more of a training instrument than a weapon. In both Timburr and Gurdurr's PokeDex entries, it's stated that the two of them wield their items as a means to strengthen their bodies for evolution.

This strength training doesn't stop when they reach their final stage either. Conkeldurr forms its concrete pillars as a means to continue strengthening its body, even during battle. This is further proven as Conkeldurr are known to toss its pillars aside should they ever need to go all out in battle.

3 Galarian Slowbro

Everyone knows how Slowbro comes into being. A Slowpoke, using its tail to fish, gets bitten by a Shellder and the poison in the Shellder's bite triggers an evolution. It's possibly one of the strangest evolutionary processes in Pokemon, but it's still interesting as Slowbro is technically two Pokemon. That being said, the Slowpoke of Galar undergoes a different process to evolve into Slowbro.

Unlike the typical Slowbro, Galarian Slowbro are bitten on the arm by a Shellder, triggering a completely different evolution. The Shellder takes on a form resembling an arm cannon capable of shooting globs of poison from the stinger-like tip. As is the same with Kantonian Slowbro, the Shelder is still a separate entity that Slowbro manipulates by pulling its tongue.

2 Zacian

You can't discuss weapon-wielding Pokemon without discussing the Legendary Heroes of Galar. While both Pokemon are heavily tied around their respective weapons, Zamazenta's shield becomes integrated into its body. It doesn't wield its weapon in the same manner as Zacian. As such, Zamazenta didn't make it on this list while Zacian does.

Zacian, as the mascot of Pokemon Sword, wields a blade in a fashion reminiscent of a certain Dark Souls boss. This legendary is said to move with unparalleled grace and ferocity, capable of even cutting through a Dragon-type's scales with little effort. While it may wield its weapon in an unorthodox manner, no one can deny Zacian's prowess with a sword.

1 Mewtwo

Mewtwo is known for its less than ethical creation and unrivaled psychic powers. It's seen as the ultimate Pokemon, capable of overwhelming its foes without even having to move. With all the abilities and powers at Mewtwo's disposal, many wouldn't even think that such a Pokemon would need a weapon or tool for battle, and they would only be partially right.

In the anime and the games, Mewtwo only relies on its psychic powers in combat, but not in the manga. Much like Kadabra and Alakazam, Mewtwo has also been shown using a spoon in combat. However, Mewtwo doesn't necessarily use it to focus its power. Instead, Mewtwo wields this much larger piece of cutlery like a bo staff, striking its opponents with vicious attacks.

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