Pokemon Unite’s Decidueye Ninja Holowear Reacts When You Score

Pokemon has had an incredibly busy year or so, launching four big titles in less than 12 months between April 2021 and January 2022. One of those four was Pokemon Unite, and even though it's the only one that hasn't generated money for any of its creators through actual game sales, it will have still raked in cash from things like holowear. If you fancy splashing out for some new holographic Pokemon clothes, today's your lucky day, especially if you're prone to battling with Decidueye.

As revealed via Pokemon Unite's Twitter account, the grass-type Pokemon can now dress up like a ninja in Pokemon Unite. The ninja-style holowear is available right now through Unite's in-game store. The addition of a new look for Decdueye comes a week after Absol was given a new Pokebuki style, complete with massive shoulderpads.

Decidueye's new get-up is actually a little fancier than most of the other holowear you'll see Unite's Pokemon strutting around the arena wearing. The ninja-style outfit includes visual and audio effects when you score, return, or KO a rival Pokemon. The best news of all is if you act fast, you can get it for a significantly reduced price. 1539 aeos gems as opposed to the 2199 it will likely set you back in the near future.

On the bright side, even if you do miss out on the discounted ninja-style holowear for your Decidueye, the new outfit hasn't fallen into the highest price bracket of holographic Unite clothing. The backlash surrounding this topic began last year when TiMi unveiled a Ninetales holowear outfit that cost $40. So pretty much the same amount of money as it would have cost to buy any of the other three Pokemon games to have launched since the start of last year individually.

Unite will celebrate its first anniversary this summer, and while how exactly that occasion will be marked hasn't been revealed, there has been plenty to keep players busy. Espeon has been added to the game, and there's now a subscription service labeled a club membership for anyone who plays enough of the game to warrant paying a monthly fee for a few extras. Pokemon has also created a manga to help explain what aeos energy is, and why exactly trainers in this niche part of the Pokemon universe choose to battle in such a unique way.

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