Pokimane Is Cutting Back On Streaming To Diversify Her Content

Pokimane has announced that she's cutting back on streaming in a new video on her YouTube channel, explaining to her fans why she recently took an extended break and what to look forward to in the future.

In the video titled "why I took a break + what's next for me," Pokimane explains that the decision to cut back her time on Twitch comes from a desire to use more platforms like Instagram and TikTok that "fit into [her] lifestyle nowadays a little bit better." She also explains that she's tired of the constant pressure of being a "full-time streamer" and no longer wants to "participate in the rat race that is streaming."

However, Pokimane does make it pretty clear that she still enjoys that part of her life and doesn't plan on packing it in any time soon. Instead of going back to streaming most of her week like usual, Pokimane now says that she'll only be streaming 2 or 3 times a week. She also states that she'll still be pretty active across a bunch of different platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. In a comment underneath her video, Pokimane thanks Twitch for "being [her] home for so many years" and says she's "looking forward to exploring more avenues of content creation."

Although the streamer has been taking a lengthy break this past month, she has still managed to cause controversy recently, granted for a very stupid reason. Pokimane recently shared photos of herself with a different curly hairstyle, which prompted one individual to accuse the streamer of cultural appropriation and "trying to make herself look African." Things got out of hand, as they usually do on social media, leading to a response from Pokimane herself in which she explains she's actually "100% Moroccan."

For those that don't know, Morocco is a country on the northwest coast of Africa. I would usually assume that people already know this, but apparently a large amount of people on Twitter didn't, so it's probably best to double-check.

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