Portal-like Puzzle Game Superliminal Adds Co-Op

Superliminal is a puzzle game all about perspective and optical illusions. Rooms contort on themselves to create elaborate jigsaws. But as you progress, you break free from the normality to find a cold, derelict institution. Sound familiar? It's a lot like Portal, and like Portal, it now has co-op.

Up to three people can join you but they aren't other people. At least not visually. They join your game as chess pieces meaning you can use them to solve puzzles, but they can also move on their own – they're living, sentient pawns. It's unsettling but that's Superliminal to a T.

What's more unsettling is that your friends are props meaning they're also bound to perspective trickery. In a gif shared by developer Pillow Castle, the player picks up one of their pals, moves them to a platform higher up, and in the process, the chess piece grows. You can shrink and enlarge your mates on a whim.

But if co-op isn't your thing and you'd rather tap into your competitive spirit, there's also a new battle royale mode where 12 people compete across obstacle courses to win a top spot. Pillow Castle has expanded on this with new puzzle rooms, an invisibility power-up, and new cosmetics, expanding the "limited" holiday season mode.

Whether it stays limited or continues as a fixture of Superliminal is up in the air, but it's been a hit so far. Perhaps Pillow Castle will be convinced to keep it around. Co-op, however, is intended to be a permanent staple.

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