Portal Source Leak Might Have Revealed Chell’s Full Name

The recent Portal Source leak may just have revealed the full name of the player character, Chell. According to some datamined content, this popular figure is actually called Celestine.

The news comes from a user by the name of RememberCitadel on the community content platform known as Lambda Generation. The dataminer appears to have discovered a file containing textures for the player character called Celestine_Body. “Chell's full canon name,” RememberCitadel proclaimed on the website. “We got Chell's full canon name.”

The announcement by RememberCitadel was quickly followed by a series of congratulatory comments.”Wow! We finally know what Chell's name is,” a user on the same community content platform known as 1upD remarked. “I can't believe it, after all these years of not knowing the name of the character named Chell, we finally know what her name is.” 1upD went on to say that “joking aside, the idea of Chell being short for Celestine is really interesting. Never heard that name before.”

How precisely the name Celestine relates to Chell remains unknown. While some have been speculating that Celestine could be a first name, others have been arguing that Celestine could in fact be a last name. Several users on Lambda Generation like 1upD have assumed the name Chell to be a diminutive.

Some of the more informed users on Lambda Generation have been pointing out that all of this information has in fact been floating around for a while now. “This has been leaked since 2016,” the user going by the name of Theuaredead explained. “Anything from the ‘old’ folders in the Portal side of the leak were injected from the 2016 leak and weren't from the licensee p4.”

The name Celestine may have been well known within certain circles, but the Portal Source leak seems to have brought this information to the attention of the wider community. The sense of surprise and elation felt by the many fans of this famous franchise have been incredibly strong.

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