PowerWash Simulator Crashes If You Look At The Sun Too Long

There's a simulator out there for just about everything you could possibly want to simulate. If you want to know what it's like to build a zoo, drive a train, or even be a goat, there's a simulator for that. PowerWash Simulator is the latest game to join the genre, but the one thing you can't do virtually in the new game right now is stare at the sun for too long.

As highlighted by the game's creators (via Eurogamer) if you stare at the sun too long in certain modes on PowerWash Simulator right now, the game will crash. “It is triggered by lens flares, and can be reduced by trying not to look directly in the sun and moving,” the tweet reads. The issue only seems to be affecting players on Xbox and while in PowerWash Simulator's multiplayer mode.

As for why you would be staring up into the sun when your undivided attention should be on whatever it is you're washing is anyone's guess. Cue everyone who has the game on Xbox now staring longingly into the sun to see if the rumors are true. As for those of you playing on other platforms, don't look into the sun. In fact, whoever you are, no matter what you're doing, best to give staring directly into the sun a miss.

If you're reading this in the UK right now, it might well feel like there is more sun to avoid staring at than ever. The country has been gripped by a pretty severe heatwave. One that likely has many of you wisely staying indoors when you can and simulating your activities rather than actually doing them. Good choice. If that simulated activity is powerwashing, and you're doing it on an Xbox, just keep your eyes on the dirty car you're hosing down.

Actually, it isn't just cars you need to hose down in PowerWash Simulator. That might be how it starts, but the game has a pretty in-depth career mode that sees you rise up through the powerwashing ranks and eventually has you cleaning up entire fun fairs and even washing space dust off the Mars Rover. If powerwashing isn't your thing, maybe give American Truck Simulator a go. If you like it enough, one day you might end up playing it from an actual rig like this streamer.

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