PowerWash Simulator Is Coming To PlayStation And Nintendo Switch

PowerWash Simulator launched earlier this year, but the unexpected hit was only available on Xbox and PC. Square Enix and FuturLabs have revealed that won't be the case for much longer as sometime soon PlayStation and Nintendo Switch players will also be able to virtually spray muck and grime off of cars, houses, and more.

After revealing the news at Tokyo Game Show, a promo video akin to the sort of thing you might have seen on a shopping channel in the middle of the night circa 2003 popped up on PowerWash Simulator's Twitter account. While the new platforms the simulator will be coming to weren't included in the usual list at the end, a message revealing where PowerWash Simulator will land next appeared after the faux infomercial faded to black.

Just coming soon to PS4, PS5, and Switch for now and no word on how long the wait will be. For those unfamiliar with PowerWash Simulator, it's exactly what it sounds like. A first-person shooter except the gun fires a high-pressure jet of water, and your enemy is the dirt on what you have been tasked to clean. It's an incredibly therapeutic and relaxing process, and the game takes you well beyond cleaning cars alone.

In fact, it doesn't even keep you on this planet. At one point, players are tasked with hosing down the Mars Rover. It gets pretty dusty up there and someone has to clean it. Well, they don't, but in PowerWash Simulator they do. No word yet on whether the game will ever get DLC, but some of the suggestions players have made include Elon Musk's space car and all of London. That would be quite the undertaking for both the developers and the virtual cleaners.

Simulators have been a big deal in video games for a while, and just when you think studios have run out of ideas, they come up with something new. Not just power washing, but driving trains, building dinosaur theme parks, and simply being a goat. That last example has proven so popular that Goat Simulator will be getting a third game before the end of 2022.

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