PS4 free games download: PlayStation fans, get this console exclusive game right now

Still not convinced? Look, it’s ok this is a big undertaking we guess.

However, why don’t you have a read of our Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers preview from Daily Star’s resident Final Fantasy 14 fanatic, Jamie Nightingale.

He’s also been playing the game like a demon non-stop since the latest expansion came out.

We’re yet to get a full review from him yet (there’s a lot to see) but if you want his quick initial impression – presumably shared after dragging himself away from the TV for more than 5 minutes – here it is:

Initial impressions after a few days (don’t ask how many hours, coz it’s too many) of #Shadowbringers is that it’s really good!

Spent the first-day levelling Gunbreaker and since then smashing through the main scenario. SE continue to step up their game with each expansion!

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