PS5 games shock revealed: Huge game making next-gen PlayStation leap?

A major PS5 game may have been revealed ahead of the console’s launch date, which is also likely to appear on the PS4 and Xbox One.

The PlayStation 5 release date was recently revealed as being scheduled for holiday 2020.

Not much is known about the launch titles being worked on but we can guess that some major PS4 exclusives will be among them.

And while we know when the PS5 will be launching, we still haven’t had a proper look at it, or know the price.

This could all be revealed in early 2020, if recent rumours are to be believed. Reports indicate that Sony is working on a big showcase in February next year.

And there’s a chance we could find out about a massive PC game moving over to the system too.

Ahead of the PS5 console reveal, fans may have been given their first hints at what new titles are coming.

It was recently revealed that League of Legends is coming to mobile and consoles in the coming years.

These versions will be called League of Legends: Wild Rift, and will be different from the current version available on PC.

The good news is that Riot Games are building the spin-off title with consoles and mobile devices in mind. This means Wild Rift matches will take less time to complete and could appeal massively to the current fanbase.

Riot Games revealed their plans earlier this week but failed to confirm what consoles would see the new release. We would assume PS4 and Xbox One will be included, but there’s a good chance others will be too.

Wild Rift will be launching first on mobile devices in 2020, followed by consoles, probably in early 2021. And wouldn’t that make great timing for the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett?

“We’re going to begin the process of rolling alphas and betas through the end of the year, starting in China,” a message from Riot explains.

“The plan is to have the mobile version fully live everywhere in the world by the end of 2020, with console coming sometime after.

“We rebuilt the game from scratch (like… the whole thing). Refreshed models, animations, game systems and more—but keeping true to the core League of Legends gameplay you already know.

“We didn’t want to just port League on PC 1:1—we want to make sure Wild Rift feels like it was designed for new platforms, and use that opportunity to make a bunch of improvements to the game.

“While you won’t get your unlocks from League PC, you’ll get some cool rewards for the time you’ve spent in the PC version.”

We also expect League of Legends Wild Rift to be free-to-play, making it a massive new contender for the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends.

LoL is a massive PC title and while many fans will probably stick to their standard setup, being able to play quicker matches on consoles will also appeal.

The only downside is that Wild Rift won’t offer cross-platform support between console and PC. However, this might happen between the platforms Wild Rift will appear on, although nothing has been locked down yet.

“The games differ in a few ways, but both include the core 5v5 MOBA gameplay you expect from League of Legends,” Riot Games adds.

“Adding cross-platform between League PC and Wild Rift would require compromises of competitive integrity, and we want to make sure the gameplay feels fair and fun no matter which platform you’re most comfortable on.

“During certain big moments throughout the year, we’ll try to coordinate event themes and releases between League PC and Wild Rift, and we’re exploring the possibility of cross-platform play between mobile and console, but nothing locked in yet.”

It will be seen as a massive boost for the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett to boast a version of one of the most popular PC titles around. But until we learn more about the exact platforms being worked on by Riot Games, a PS5 port will remain a hopeful possibility.

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