PS5 Has Biggest Launch Month For Video Game Hardware In US History

Are we surprised? Not really. The PS5 has gone to smash records for a US-based game console launch, according to industry analyst NPD Group (via VG247), which recently published its report on the US gaming market for November.

According to the analyst group, the PlayStation 5 is the best-selling console launch in US history, selling more consoles and making more money than any previous game console launch. The previous record-holder was the PS4 back in November of 2013.

The PS5 also made more money than any other console in the month of November, although the Nintendo Switch still sold more units overall. In fact, even as the PS5 enjoys its debut, it will still be eclipsed by the Switch’s success in 2020.

Along with the PS5 taking the title of best console launch, the DualSense controller also had the best launch of any controller in terms of units sold and dollars made for Sony. The DualSense includes haptic feedback technology that has never been seen before on a console controller, allowing developers to impart the feeling of a game directly to the player.

The DualSense is such a success that it’s even getting praise from its competitors. Xbox head Phil Spencer applauded Sony for its accomplishment, saying, “We should learn from each other and the innovation that we all push on.”

Overall, Hardware spending increased by 58% in 2020, largely due to the launches of both the Xbox Series X and PS5 but also due to the Switch’s continuing success and the ongoing global pandemic. Total spending across the sector increased to $1.4 billion.

Even though Sony says that they’ve moved more PS5s than any console launch in history, you’re still probably going to have a hard time finding one. Stock of PS5s in the UK are now sold out until 2021, and people are even resorting to Fast and Furious-style heists from delivery trucks just to get their hands on one.

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