PS5 Trophies Will Come With In-Game Rewards

Earning every single trophy a game has to offer will no longer appeal to the completionists alone. On PS5, trophies appear to come with in-game rewards.

30 years ago, when someone said a game was complete, it meant a player had passed through all of its levels or finished its story mode. For some gamers, completing a game has retained that definition to this day. Not for everyone, though. Others may not consider a game to have been completed until all of its missions and side quests are done, or even until all of its trophies or achievements have been unlocked.

That last definition is a tricky one. Trophies and achievements were first introduced by PlayStation and Xbox respectively during the PS3/Xbox 360 generation. A list of accomplishments to try and tick off, each of which is rewarded via a notification and an award. Collecting all of the game’s trophies on PlayStation will unlock an elusive platinum trophy. Platinum trophies are notoriously hard to come by unless you’re the gamer who earned 50 in one day.

Other than the warm, satisfying feeling you get in your tummy when you hear that ping informing you that a trophy has been unlocked, there is no benefit to earning them. That is all about to change once the next-gen arrives. It had been teased that PlayStation planned on overhauling its trophy system for PS5, and its UI reveal appears to have given away one of the ways in which it has been changed.

The main focus of the UI reveal was to demonstrate how the console’s activity cards will work. However, some who watched the demonstration noticed something interesting when the cursor hovered over a trophy card. The name attached to the trophy, what a player needs to do to achieve it, and an in-game reward for doing so.

That’s right, it seems that PS5’s trophies will come with in-game rewards. The examples spotted, which can be seen in the tweet above, are from PS5 launch title Destruction AllStars. One of the trophies will unlock a banner, and the other an avatar. The assumption is that those items will be for in-game use, although it’s possible that they are items to be used on a player’s PS5 dashboard.

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