PUBG Mobile update notes released as PUBG LITE download expansion is revealed

A new PUBG Mobile update has been released today on iOS and Android.

Tencent has announced that a new hotfix has been launched this weekend, looking to solve one big issue.

According to the short patch notes shared online, today’s PUBG Mobile update aims at solving a recent audio issue.

This includes not being able to hear footsteps properly, an issue that may have been added via the recent 0.13.0 patch.

“We’ve just deployed a hotfix for PUGB MOBILE that should address footstep sound issue as well as some other minor fixes. Please let us know if this addresses your issues,” a message from Tencent reads.

The PUBG support team recently confirmed that the developer was looking to provide more support for ongoing issues.

This included asking fans for feedback during the launch of update 0.13.0, which the support team says has proven successful.

“Thanks for all the feedback!” a new message from the PUBG team reads.

“We really appreciate everyone who has gone out of their way to share their experiences with us and let us know about the issues they encounter in PUBG MOBILE.

“While we DO want to hear about all bugs, there are some that we are more immediately focused on…

“I’ve bolded those bugs so hopefully we can get more feedback on those specifically. Also please try to focus on giving repro steps.”

“Repro steps allow us to find where the bugs are in the code much more quickly than just telling us that a bug exists.”

Here’s a list of some of the bugs Tencent are looking for help with:

  • Vehicle-based physics issues – Clipping and getting stuck in Terrain.
  • Strange Matchmaking Behavior – Getting stuck for excessive periods of time waiting for a match in excess of 20 minutes.
  • Not taking damage from being behind the blue and/or game not displaying the coloring alteration behind the blue.

The new update comes just days after Tencent launched the big 0.13.0 patch, which adds a new Deathmatch Mode, among other tweaks.

Tencent also brought other news concerning the game and its growing player base, telling fans: “Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation announced a new milestone that PUBG MOBILE had surpassed another impressive milestone as more than 400 million downloads and 50 million daily active users outside of China.

“PUBG MOBILE continues its streak as one of the world’s most popular mobile games, following its domination of 2018 end-of-year award shows including “Mobile Game of the Year” at the Golden Joysticks among multiple other nominations.

This follows news concerning PUBG LITE and its plans to expand the current PC beta. PUBG LITE is a spin-off of the full version of PUBG on Steam, while PUBG Mobile can also be played on PCs via an emulator.

And now it’s been confirmed that PUBG Corp has expanded how many regions the PUBG LITE beta is available in. This began with the release of the game in Brazil and Turkey, followed by an announcement that PUBG LITE is also coming to India soon.

And this is big news, considering that the country already has a high number of PUBG Mobile players. The new announcement reads: “PUBG LITE will soon be expanding to India, while we don’t have information on a specific date yet.”

India will be a key market for PUBG LITE moving forward and could even pave the way for it to arrive in Europe eventually.

While PUBG LITE is a free-to-play title, it’s unclear at this point if it will ever have playable servers in areas where the original PUBG remains very popular on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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