QTCinderella Vows To Sue Explicit Deepfake Website Using Her Image

Last night, streamer Atrioc apologised after he was caught viewing a website that hosted deepfake porn of various women on Twitch. In the video, he admitted to viewing fake explicit material of female streamers out of "morbid curiosity". He even paid to access the website. Now, one of the women targetted by the deepfake site has vowed to fight back.

In her own stream, QTCinderella hits back against the website, Atrioc, and anyone who views this content. While only live for a few minutes, QTCinderella speaks out against the constant "exploitation and objectification" of women on the platform, promising to sue the creator of the deepfake website. In the emotional stream, she also reports that she is being further harassed by users online, sending her explicit deepfake images of herself.

"I wanted to go live because this is what pain looks like," says QTCinderella, starting her stream not long after Atroic's apology. "Fuck the fucking internet. Fuck the constant exploitation and objectification of women, it's exhausting. Fuck Atrioc for showing it to thousands of people. Fuck the people DMing me pictures of myself from that website. Fuck you all."

She continues, speaking out about the objectification of women. "If you are able to look at women who are not selling themselves or benefiting off of being seen sexually…you are the problem," she says. "It should not be part of my job to have to pay money to get this stuff taken down. It should not be part of my job to be harassed.

"And to the person that made that website, I'm going to fucking sue you. I promise you, with every part of my soul. I'm going to fucking sue you."

Despite being such a clear and extreme example of online sexual harassment, the law is largely yet to catch up with those who produce explicit deepfake material without the subject's consent. The UK is set to criminalise the act soon in its Online Safety Bill, with offenders possibly being met with a prison sentence.

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