Quake rumours continue with new id Software job listings

Multiple job listings at id Software seem to reinforce rumours of a new Quake game being in development.

Following several rumours and leaks of a new Quake game, Bethesda announced and released Quake Remastered, an enhanced version of the original game. Despite not being brand new, Quake fans certainly didn’t complain, but talk of a new entry has persisted.

A few months ago, job listings at MachineGames had people thinking it was making a new Quake (despite also being busy with the Indiana Jones game). Now, it’s believed that the project is in development at id Software, the studio responsible for nearly every entry in the series.

Numerous job listings for id Software’s Texas offices are available on ZeniMax’s website and a few of them could possibly be describing a new Quake game. The listings for senior technical animator and skybox artist both mention working on a ‘long-running iconic action FPS’. The skybox artist listing, as well as a prop artist listing, add that the game will feature sci-fi and fantasy worlds.

The Quake series does take place across alternate dimensions, offering a mixture of dark fantasy and sci-fi. It could be argued that id Software is referring to the Doom series but, while those games do involve fighting armies of demons from Hell, Doom has always leaned more towards sci-fi than fantasy.

It’s not hard to imagine it being both but you’d think id Software would just say it was Doom in the job listings, as there being a new game wouldn’t really be much of a revelation.

While a Doom sequel is always possible, the studio is probably working on something else first. After 2016’s Doom, id Software took a break from the series to release Quake Champions and Rage 2 (which it co-developed with Avalanche Studios).

It could be working on another of Bethesda’s properties (or those from Microsoft’s wider back catalogue) but there aren’t many else that deal with both fantasy and sci-fi environments. When you take that into account, Quake does seem like the only natural conclusion.

Considering they already co-developed Rage 2 with an outside studio the idea that they’re making the new Quake in conjunction with MachineGames seems more than possible.

Before Quake Remastered was announced, XboxEra’s Nick Baker claimed that a new Quake game is in development, featuring single player and multiplayer modes as well as a new female protagonist.

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