Rainbow Six Siege Player Fools Opponent By Posing As Alibi’s Hologram

Rainbow Six Siege is an incredibly difficult game, although you’d think otherwise after watching this gutsy Alibi player fool their opponent for an easy kill. By standing completely still for the first few minutes of the round, they’re able to convince a member of the opposing team to walk within a few feet of them – before clipping them with an easy headshot.

When you play as Alibi, you’re given access to three deployable holograms. These look identical to your character and can be used to ping the location of enemies who shoot at them. However, Kevin98xd had a better idea. Instead of using them to locate other players, why not use them to hide in plain sight?

You can check out the nerve-racking sequence below:

Pulling off the stunt meant staying calm even when an enemy was pointing a gun right at them. That’s not an easy thing to do, and the Redditor said they almost gave away their position:

“I was about to flick my gun but stayed calm! Heart was racing though.”

While the stunt is impressive, we don’t recommend trying to recreate it. All it takes is the slightest flinch to give up your position, and most players tend to pay closer attention than the opponent in Kevin98xd’s video. Instead, use those deployable holograms as they were intended – to hunt down and ping your opponents.

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