Red Dead Online: A Complete Guide To Camps

Released in 2019, the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2, Read Dead Online does just what it says on the tin. It allows players to enter the interactive Wild West and play with friends, or fellow gamers, to continue their adventures. You can develop characters in specific roles, become an expert at looting money or other goods, or raise or lower your ‘honour’ all depending on what you want to get up to!

An integral part to playing online are the camps. Whether you’re playing as a solo player or teaming up with friends or other players in a posse; you’ll need to find a base camp. You can use the camp to access your wardrobe, craft weapons or tonics, rest up, fast travel or access your purchased items. Accessing your camp is as easy as tapping into your menu or accessing the Item Wheel.

The camps themselves offer safety to players, as the light from campfires keeps animals on the hunt away, and the tents provide shelter and comfort from the elements so that you can revitalise before heading back out into the map.

How To Move Your Camp

You can move or locate your camp by accessing the Free Roam menu; you should find a camp option once that’s open, you’ll want to click into that. From there it will have a size and location option, once you’ve chosen the size of the camp you want (more details below) you’ll want to pick a location—simply select these two options and your camp will be dropped into your specified location!

Camp Sizes And Locations

There are two different camp sizes available and it’ll depend entirely on how many are in your posse, or whether you’re playing on your own. There are two options: a Small Camp or a Large Camp. Small Camps are for anywhere between one to four posse members and has a $1 daily maintenance fee that has to be paid. Large Camps are for anywhere from one to seven posse members, being a slightly larger camp this has a daily maintenance fee of $2 that is unavoidable.

Whilst there’s argument that customisable player housing would be better; for now it’s just camps available to players. These camps can be placed in thirteen separate locations across the Red Dead map, you won’t be able to pick the exact location, but you can pick the region. The thirteen regions to choose from are:

  • Grizzlies
  • Roanoke Ridge
  • Cumberland Forest
  • Heartlands
  • Big Valley
  • Scarlett Meadowes
  • Bayou Nwa
  • Tall Trees
  • Great Plains
  • Hennigan’s Stead
  • Rio Bravo
  • Cholla Springs
  • Gaptooth Ridge

Whilst you’re free to pick any of the above, be prepared for it to move if there aren’t enough slots available. It’s also important to keep in mind that each area of the map has its own positives and negatives. For example, Big Valley is near bodies of water that’ll provide you with the best steelhead trouts and red salmon. Cumberland Forest sets you close-by for hunting animals and fishing. Setting up camp close to hunting hotspots saves you a lot of time when it comes to trading as you won’t have to go back and forth in order to sell on your kills.

Again, remember that your camp can be moved at any point and sometimes that is out of your control—but don’t be disheartened if that happens.  Wherever your camp ends up, the Red Dead world is pretty damn beautiful, so at least it won’t be an eye sore!

How To Customise Your Camp

To customise your camp, you’ll have to talk to former outlaw and notorious camp-dweller JB Cripps. Customising your camp isn’t just fun, with plenty of options and positives to each choice—it can be tactical too. Raising a white flag up around your camp, for example, keeps you from getting attacked by passing posses or just other players in general, whilst you’re there. Once you’ve reached rank 65 you can add a Fast Travel Post which allows you to travel quickly to your camp instead of trekking across the map.

There are several themes to pick from when it comes to the aesthetic of your camp, it doesn’t make any difference to gameplay–although some are only available after you’ve unlocked certain ranks in whatever roles you choose—so pick whichever one you like the best. The options are:

  • Standard (this is what you start off with)
  • The Hobo Life
  • Survivor
  • Military Surplus
  • Travelling Opulus
  • Bounty Hunter (available to unlock after reaching Bounty Hunter Rank 5)
  • Collector (available to unlock after reaching Collector Rank 5)
  • Trader (available to unlock after reaching Trader Rank 5)

What really matters when it comes to customisation are the Tents so make sure you pick wisely out of the following:

  • Bedrolls — this refills your cores to 15% when in free-roam, and refills cores 25% faster in camp
  • Lean-To — this refills your cores to 25% when in free-roam, and refills cores 50% faster in camp
  • A-Frame — this refills your cores to 35% when in free-roam, and refills cores 75% faster in camp
  • Tall Lean-To — this refills your cores to 45% when in free-roam, and refills cores 100% faster in camp
  • Open-Air Lean-To — this refills your cores to 55% when in free-roam, and refills cores 125% faster in camp
  • Covered Lean-To — this refills your cores to 65% when in free-roam, and refills cores 150% faster in camp
  • Covered — this refills your cores to 75% when in free-roam, and refills cores 175% faster in camp

Once your theme and tent are chosen there are several other items and equipment that you can purchase to customise your camp. Each has its own attributes and will add to your camp’s usefulness. Considering your camp is your base, it’s a smart idea to invest in at least a few of these items:

  • Previously mentioned Fast Travel Post
  • Medium Delivery Wagon — this wagon can haul 50 goods
  • Large Delivery Wagon — the slightly larger can haul 100 goods
  • Butcher Table — this allows for the production of goods for Cripps Trading Co.
  • Stew Pot — purchasing this will unlock stew recipes that will help to refill cores
  • Deluxe Campfire — allows for speedier campfire crafting and gives additional seating
  • Weapon Locker — allows you to store weapons

There are also eight flag options for you to pick from, but these offer no real benefits and are simply an aesthetic choice. With all this knowledge, you should be set to make your camp the best one in the Wild West not just by appearance but in usefulness too!

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