Red Dead Online: All West Hill Haven Treasure Chest Locations

If you’re logging in to Red Dead Online for the first time following the game’s standalone release, then you’re focusing on the basics. Earning money and Honor to establish yourself in the harsh Western world of Red Dead Online isn’t easy, and lowly strangers must do what they can to succeed. And what’s more honest than a bit of treasure hunting, really?

In Red Dead Online there are several treasure chests hidden on West Hill Haven. Each treasure is in a different spot, hidden from view, and the indicators you get to find them aren’t exactly the clearest or most specific. There are four treasure chests in total, and we’re going to break down the location for each one in this guide.

If you need to know where exactly on the map you need to be to find the West Hill Haven treasure chests, then you’ve come to the right place. Scroll down for the locations of all four treasure chests in West Hill Haven in Red Dead Online. Thanks go out to Dirty Tyler on YouTube.

West Hill Haven Treasure Chest 1

The first chest is located near a cart in the middle of a field. Head over to the cart and the few crates located on the position on the map, and you’ll be able to find the treasure chest wedged between some crates and the cart, barely hidden from the back by a bush.

West Hill Haven Treasure Chest 2

The second treasure chest can be found underneath the railroad tracks. If you follow the railroad to the South and keep an eye out for crevices and tunnels that lead underneath, you’ll find this chest at the location on the map, directly under the railroad.

West Hill Haven Treasure Chest 3

The third treasure chest is also on the railroad, further South than the last. Once the railroad meets a bridge, the treasure chest is tucked just underneath the rails, on the right side. This one is very stealthily hidden away, and might be the most difficult to find.

West Hill Haven Treasure Chest 4

The fourth and final treasure chest is, once again, out in the open. This one is located in the middle of the forest you’ll find in the location on the map, and it’s wedged just underneath the stump of a broken tree. Find the forest and look out for the broken tree, and you’ll find this chest shining just beneath it.

That’s the final treasure chest you can find in West Hill Haven in Red Dead Online, and now that you’ve found them all, you’ll find yourself to be a bit richer too. If you’re done here, why not locate Sadie and Jake Adler to get started and their quests in Red Dead Online?

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