Red Dead Online: Best Sparrow Hunting Locations

The Sparrow is a common bird species in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online. There are three known variants of Sparrow across the wild west: the American, Eurasian, and Golden Sparrows. Though there are slight differences in appearances, they all yield the same feathers, gamey meat, and tradeable carcasses.

All three breeds of Sparrows can be found in the same sorts of habitats across the central and northern regions of the American West. It’s also possible you will see some crossing into the northeast regions of New Austin. Here are the best Sparrow locations in RDR2 and RDO.

Best Sparrow Locations

New Austin

  • Sparrows aren’t very prevalent down in New Austin. You can sometimes find them in the southern region of MacFarlane’s Ranch or west of the farm.
  • The eastern half of Stillwater Creek may also have one or two kicking about.
  • Thieve’s Landing and the Island directly north are home to Sparrows.

West Elizabeth

  • You can usually spot Sparrows west and east of Quaker’s Cove in West Elizabeth’s Great Plains region.
  • The shores of Blackwater are a promising location, as are spots of land to the south and northwest of the town.
  • The borderland between the Great Plains and Tall Trees regions is worth a scout, then reset your course west around the Manzanita Outpost.
  • The Aurora Basin is a busy watering hole for all sorts of wildlife, including Sparrows.
  • You should find some Sparrows along the Upper Montana River if you head downstream, primarily along the northern border of the Great Plains.
  • You can usually find Sparrows near the north and west shores of the Owanjila.
  • The town of Strawberry is known for having a bit of a Sparrow population.
  • You’re also likely to find them around Monto’s Rest.
  • Sparrows have been seen across the lands surrounding Riggs Station. Check to the west, east, and southeast of the station.
  • There are a few spots across the northern Big Valley region, primarily along Little Creek River.


  • Trickling up from West Elizabeth, you’ll usually find Sparrow heading up towards Cattail Pond.
  • Sparrows have spawned around the train tracks southwest of Granite Pass.
  • Either side of the Calumet Ravine and heading down Donner Falls offer good Sparrow sightings.
  • You may spot Sparrows at certain points along the train tracks leading through the Grizzlies East.
  • O’Creagh’s Run is usually a better bet, though.
  • Moonstone Pond is another wildlife hub for Sparrows too.
  • From the southeast corner of the state, head up Ambardino’s eastern border to scout the largest Sparrow habitat in the Grizzlies East.

New Hanover

  • Flying over the Ambardino border, Sparrows have been seen along the Kamassa River between the Brandywine Drop and Annesburg.
  • Head to the northeastern shores of Roanoke Ridge along the topmost stretch of the Lanahechee River for some of the most remote Sparrow hunting.
  • You should come upon more Sparrows by following the shores of the Lanahechee River south down to the Van Horn Trading Post.
  • Sparrows dot the land all over the southern Roanoke Ridge region, but some prime areas to check are again along the shore of the Lanahechee, the Kamassa River in the central-southern part, and the path running north to south through the west of the region.
  • From the Heartland Overflow and Emeralds Ranch, the largest Sparrow habitat in New Hanover sprawls over below the Heartland Oil Fields.
  • Sparrows have been seen taking up perches atop Citadel Rock.
  • The Dakota River is almost a one-stop hunting trip for all wildlife, including Sparrows.
  • Sparrows span the entire southern region of The Heartlands along the northern shores of Flat Iron Lake from Bard’s Crossing to the Lemoyne Border.


  • By roaming all over the Scarlett Meadows from the Southfield Flats, through Rhodes to Calliga Hall, and over to Braithwaite Manor, you’ll likely find all the Sparrow hunting you’ll need to do.
  • The isles off the coast in Flat Iron Lake also see Sparrows from time to time.
  • The land along Ringneck Creek and down to Maddock Pond should also prove promising for Sparrow hunting. You can roam the land north of the creek as well.
  • Lagras has Sparrows occasionally, as does the land west of Lakay.
  • Sparrows will pop up in Saint-Denis as well. Check the north of the city or head down to the eastern docks.

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