Red Dead Online: How To Hunt The Legendary Banded Gator

A brand new Legendary Animal has just been added to Red Dead Online, the rare Banded Gator. If you want to be the first to hunt down this rare and dangerous creature, we can show you how.

Harriet has a new task for you Naturalists to take on in Red Dead Online through a Featured Sighting mission. Head over to her camp to find the all new Legendary Banded Gator in her list of Legendary Animal Sightings to track down. She will compel you to retrieve her a sample of this red and white gator before it is hunted down to be used as materials for a handbag – or you can take the pelt for yourself to make a fancy new coat. Either way this hunt won’t be as easy as a leisurely stroll along the river.

How To Find The Legendary Banded Gator

Head To Bayou Nwa

Once you’re in the area, start paying attention to your minimap for the yellow icon to indicate the Banded Gator is nearby. The marshy area between the two bridges is where it has been spotted before, so check near that location. If you end up going in circles without seeing anything, rejoin an online lobby to try and reset the spawn.

When you do see the icon, use your Eagle Eye to more easily spot the Banded Gator. An introductory cutscene of the aquatic predator will trigger to let you know you’re close to one. At this point you can look around for items to photograph, like a nest and the corpse of the dear you saw it attack by the shore, to fill up your field guide, or just start the hunt.

This Banded Gator is rather aggressive, so watch out if you do take a moment to fill out your guide, because it may turn the tables and start hunting you. Gators are quick, but if you’re alert you can make distance to get your shots in. Remember to equip the Varmint Rifle and sedative ammo if you want to put it to sleep and collect a sample for Harriet, otherwise unload with whatever you like for the pelt. In either case, it will take a lot of shots to bring this Legendary Animal down.

Return to Harriet Or Gus

If you decide to skin the Banded Gator and sell the pelt to Gus, you will unlock a new garment set called the Banded Coat. The coat is nice enough, not much different from the other sets Gus sells, complete with the head of the Banded Gator acting as a hood.

If you were merciful with the Banded Gator and only took a sample, simply sell it to Harriet for some cash and XP.

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