Red Dead Online update: Change your appearance today on PS4 and Xbox One

Changing your appearance on Red Dead Online is finally possible on PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

When the new update was announced earlier this year, one of the new features fans were excited about was being able to tweak their original character creations.

This wouldn’t have been possible since they were first put together when the multiplayer mode went live and it sounds like there were a few fans desperate to do as much.

The problem with the old system was that you could only reset how your Red Dead Online character looked by losing all your progression.

And for a game like Red Dead Redemption 2 Online, that would be a disaster; here is how the old system worked:

“Any other changes to your character require that you delete your existing character and create a new one.

“To delete your character, go into the game menu, and select the Player option. From there Xbox One players can delete their character by pressing and holding the X button, while “PlayStation 4 players can press and hold the Square button. Please keep in mind that this will delete your existing character and progression.”

Rockstar Games has now replaced this system with something much easier to use and friendlier to gamers online.

This includes being able to change your appearance in Red Dead Online without losing everything else. The new system makes it possible to reset your character’s looks on PS4 and Xbox One, although it is limited.

Rockstar Games has confirmed that all characters created before this update will receive one free appearance change, and further appearance changes can be made for a fee.

So you will still be limited to just one switcheroo unless you’re ready to spend money on it. According to the in-game menu, a second character change will cost around 10 Gold Bars to pull off on consoles.

Which makes for a pretty hefty price tag for most Red Dead Online gamers wanting to avoid microtransactions.

AND, gamers are also warning that they have been losing their Daily Challenge Streak online. This sounds like a bug which Rockstar Games will no doubt fix in the days ahead.

“Players can now change the appearance of their character through the Online Options section of the Player menu,” Rockstar Games confirms in today’s patch notes.

This can be accessed by hitting left D-pad, and then scrolling down to find the Online Options and what you’re looking for.

From those gamers who have tested out the new system, it appears you have full control over what you tweak.

This means you can head into the menu screen and choose to change your eye-colour and leave everything else the same. Or, you can go in and completely reverse all your original actions and make something different.

The new Red Dead Online update is available to download today on PS4 and Xbox One and includes a lot more than just changing your character appearance.

Gamers can now explore new careers for their online adventures, including being a Bounty Hunter, Trader, or Collector.

Each role requires an unlock requirement which can also be passed by spending Gold Bars.

Here’s a short list of other changes made today by Rockstar Games in Red Dead Redemption 2:

  • New items, weapons, clothing and horse-drawn vehicles
  • Directional damage indicators to display where your character is hit from
  • Additional horse breeds
  • The ability to change your character’s appearance without resetting progress
  • Expanded custom outfit slots
  • The ability to name saved outfits
  • Role-specific Free Roam Events
  • Increased selling prices for looted Jewelry
  • Increased movement and animations speeds for more responsive combat (including aiming, cocking and reloading), faster looting and more
  • Additional game balancing and improvements

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