Resident Evil 3: Where To Find Every Charlie Doll

Despite Resident Evil 3 not having a giant open-world to roam around, the remade version of Raccoon City still includes plenty of things to find. There are easter eggs, weapons, upgrades, files, and of course, Charlie Dolls.

Those last ones are the most unusual, as the wholesome bobbleheads contrast with the dark and scary city. Yet, it still doesn’t make them stick out too much, as the little guys are tricky to find. If you manage to locate and destroy all of them, though, you’re rewarded with an in-game record and an achievement or trophy. So if you don’t mind demolishing the only bright things left in Racoon City, follow this guide.

Redstone Street Station

The first doll to find is one of the easiest to miss. After you’ve hit Nemesis with a car and Carlos has saved you from the monster, you’ll be in the subway.

At this point, the game wants you to follow Carlos, but instead, turn around and run up the stairs. Once you’re at the top, look to your right to see a bobblehead between two newspaper machines.

Donut Shop (Downtown)

On your journey to get the fire hose, you’ll likely go through the donut shop. A doll is hiding inside said place behind the counter.

He’s squeezed in the corner next to the microwave. As you can’t get close to him, you’re going to have to use a priceless bullet to destroy the little guy – just don’t waste the ammo of one of your strongest weapons.

Downtown Second Floor (Downtown)

In the area with the subway office and drug store, there’s a set of metal stairs. By climbing them, you can make your way to a room with a safe (holding a red dot sight) and shelves filled with boxes.

Look at the shelving on the right side – if entering from the street – and you can see a doll. It’s high up, so this is another that you need to use bullets to get.

Subway Office

To retrieve the fire hose, you’ll need to enter the subway office. While there, you may as well get rid of the nearby doll.

It’s in the building’s control room, which is the only room in the place that doesn’t house a shotgun. You can find your target under the desk.

Subway Power Substation (Downtown)

A little further on in the story, you’ll find yourself at a subway power substation. Also there, is a doll for you to shoot.

The guy is on top of some shelves inside the save room upstairs. Go to the door in the opposite corner of where you came in and spin around to see him hiding in the dark.

Toy Uncle Supershop (Downtown)

To reach this one, you need the lockpick. You grab it as part of the story, therefore it’s unmissable. But as soon as you get it, it’s smart to head back for this collectible, so you don’t have to deal with Nemesis while destroying toys.

The bobblehead is located inside of the Toy Uncle Supershop. To find the store, go back through the garage to the street. The desired place is easily identifiable with its bright colors and giant head on the roof. Use the lockpick to get in, and then turn right to see the doll mixing with some other toys.

Lower Waterway (Sewers)

Jill might be one of the series’ best characters, but she’s not above rooting around in the sewers. And at one point in the game, she has to do just that. Thankfully the place is made brighter by a couple of dolls.

The first is located right beneath the lab. Before climbing up to the room, look behind some nearby bars to find your victim.

Lower Waterway 2 (Sewers)

This next doll is found towards the end of the sewer section. First, you need to use the battery pack to open the door beside the yellow ladder.

Then once you go through, head partway up the stairs and turn around. You’ll see the collectible standing on a ledge.

House Near Kendo’s Gun Shop (Downtown)

Once you’ve opened the gate beside the gun store, you’ll make your way to a house. As you enter, there is a doll directly in front of you on a table.

Because of the darkness of the room, it can be a little difficult to see at first glance, but he’s definitely there.

Courtyard (Police Station)

The first doll to find with Carlos is in an area that most players miss. When Tyrell wants you to follow him into the Police Station, backtrack to where you initially spawned.

Then go down the first set of stairs and up the next. The toy will be on your left, perched on a little brick wall.

Safety Deposit Room (Police Station)

One doll is locked inside the Police Station’s safety deposit room. To get inside, you first need to grab the key from the third floor.

Then head to the back of the desired room to find a set of metal shelves. On top of them is your target.

Subway Tunnels

Once you’re back to controlling Jill, you’ll be traversing the subway tunnels. At one point, you get to an area with multiple bunk beds.

Next to the last one on the right side is a doll taking cover under a bench. A few zombies hang out in that area, so make sure you’re safe before looking for the toy.

Clock Tower Plaza

You can get this doll right after you climb up into the Clock Tower Plaza area. Simply go through the gates and head around to the left.

There will be a dark-colored truck, and on the other side of it is the bobblehead.

First Floor Hallway (Hospital)

Shortly after starting the hospital section of the game, you can get another doll.

Once you leave the main reception, you’ll go down a hallway towards another room. Before entering it, look to your left to see the toy sitting on a gurney.

Roof (Hospital)

Another bobblehead is on the roof of the hospital. Don’t worry, you don’t have to scale the walls of the building.

It’s an outside area on the second floor. As soon as you enter the location, the doll is on your right, next to the door.

Sickroom (Hospital)

While exploring the second floor of the hospital, you’ll find yourself at the nurses’ station. It’s connected to a sickroom that houses terrifying monsters and a very well-hidden doll.

When entering the room from the smaller door, check to your right for a trashcan. Cramped inside is the collectible.

Underground Elevator (Hospital)

The last doll in the hospital is located near the elevator to take you underground. Look for the forklift in the area as your target is standing on top of it.

It’s weird that a bobblehead made it down there, but it’s just one of several things that don’t make sense about the game.

Warehouse (Underground Storage)

The underground warehouse is a difficult place to navigate – that’s sort of the point of the fuse puzzle.

At some point, though, you’ll have to squeeze between shelving that’s covered in yellow tape. Once through, you can see a set of ladders on the right side, and beside them is the doll.

Second Floor (Nest 2)

During the story, you’ll come to a room where you have to synthesize a vaccine. Connected to it is a seemingly empty balcony.

However, there’s actually a doll in the bottom left corner of the metallic platform. He’s picked a dark spot to stay, so you need to get close to see him. After destroying it, don’t synthesize the vaccine yet, even if you’ve already got the items to do so, as then you won’t be able to get the last bobblehead.

Lab 1 (Nest 2)

To solve the vaccine puzzle, you’ll need to go to Lab 1. While there, you can put an end to the final toy.

Go into the small adjacent room, and check to your left to see the doll in front of some boxes. Once it’s dead, you’ll get the achievement or trophy, and you can celebrate – assuming you’ve managed to get the rest.

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