RGG Studio Head Admits Dragon Engine Is "A Bit Old"

Yakuza fans have been eating better than ever before this week. Three new games in the series were revealed by RGG Studios and you can probably expect some of them to look a little different. That's due to Masayoshi Yokoyama admitting the Dragon Engine on which the last few games in the series have been built is potentially outdated.

The RGG boss admitted as much during an interview with IGN. “The Dragon Engine at this point is kind of a bit of an old engine,” Yokoyama said. “We have made a lot of minor updates over the years for it, or we've made a lot of minor updates over it, but we haven't made any major updates,” adding that a major update is what needs to come next.

That's if RGG continues to use the Dragon Engine for the Yakuza series at all. Like A Dragon: Ishin, one of three games revealed this week, uses Unreal Engine 4. When asked if the upgraded Unreal Engine 5 might be in Yakuza's future, Yokoyama admitted it's a possibility. “We are kind of looking at it and saying, what are the merits of each? What's the merit of the Dragon Engine? What's the merit of the Unreal Engine?"

It sounds like it will depend on what's needed for the overall feel of each game. While Yokoyama admits the Unreal Engine is better at showing nature and daytime, the Dragon Engine is preferred for depicting a city at night. That's not the biggest issue facing RGG right now, though. Yokoyama explained that a bigger task than how RGG's games look is figuring out how to get them on the various platforms available today.

There has been good and bad news on that front this week. When asked about the potential of Yakuza games on Switch, Yokoyama admitted it's unlikely due to the family-friendly tag attached to the console, especially in Japan. As for the good news, it was confirmed that both Judgment and Lost Judgment are now available on PC.

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