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Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure is enjoying a fresh measure of popularity courtesy of NIS America's Prinny Presents series of classic RPG re-releases, and if you think 'measure' was our idea of a bad pun, you're drum-rolling right it is. The cute story of Cornet and her kidnapped prince is all very Disney Musical, which can put the (relatively simplistic) gameplay mechanics well outside our heads whilst playing.

For that purpose, we've assembled this guide on where to find every accessory in Rhapsody. Simply keep tabs on our list as you progress the game to ensure you've got them all.

The Importance Of Accessories

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure may be an easy strategy JRPG overall, but there are a handful of boss fights that will give unprepared players nearly as much grief as poor Ramza Beoulve in a certain one-on-one duel in Final Fantasy Tactics. If you know, you know.

So, what can you, the player, do to coast by even these climactic encounters? Having the right puppets in your party is important, but understanding that accessories are the only equippable inventory in Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, and stocking up on the ones you'll need, is nearly as important. Nicely enough, you'll have three accessory slots for every character, so there's room to mix things up.

You can double up, or even triple up, on accessories. For instance, if you feel a character's defense is lacking around mid-game, when Warrior'sCharm is the current level of the defense-boosting item, you can purchase three to really keep them going against powerful foes.

Accessories Come In Tiers

That leads us to our next point. Bearing in mind that Rhapsody presents, as previously stated, a fairly simple (musical) adventure, there isn't a ton of variety to be found with accessories. Instead, the vast majority operate on a tier-based system. There are four accessories designed to increase a character's physical strength, and predictably, you'll come across them starting with the weakest of the lot. The most powerful of the quartet is much harder to come by.

There's also a trio of defense and intelligence accessories, respectively. The former is self-explanatory, whilst the latter provides a rise in the character's magical abilities. (Importantly, this means offensive spells as well as healing spells.) Two agility accessories, one to halve physical damage and another to halve magical damage, and lastly one that restores HP per turn and another that lowers the MP cost of spells by 50 percent — that's all of it. That's everything there is to equip in Rhapsody.

Every Accessory And Where To Find It

Without further ado, we present you with our list of accessories in Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, with details on where you'll find them all. Our coverage concerns the earliest known location each purchasable accessory is available because it's a safe bet most shops from that point forward will also include them in their wares.

Name Effect Cost First Available Location
Cat's Paw Elevates ATK by five points 500 Orange Village Shop
Tiger's Paw Elevates ATK by ten points N/A Salsa Volcano Dungeon
Dragon's Claw Elevates ATK by 20 points 10,000 BlueCat Shop
Charm of Valor Elevates ATK by 30 points N/A Netherworld
Fighter's Charm Elevates DEF by five points 400 BlueCat Shop
Warrior's Charm Elevates DEF by ten points N/A Inotium Mines
Hero's Charm Elevates DEF by 20 points 10,000 WhiteSnow Shop
Thinking Cap Elevates INT by five points 800 MotherGreen Shop
Smart Cap Elevates INT by ten points 2,800 BlueCat Shop
Genius Cap Elevates INT by 20 points 12,000 MotherGreen Shop
Speed Shoes Elevates AGI by ten points 500 WhiteSnow Shop
Sonic Shoes Elevates AGI by 20 points N/A Frog Road
Defense Robes Halves all physical damage N/A Salsa Volcano Dungeon
Magic Robes Halves all magical damage N/A Netherworld Dungeon
Holy Charm Halves MP cost N/A Given to Cornet by Ferdinand at the party following the bridal contest
Robes of Healing Restores HP by ten per turn N/A Tower of Ninetail Dungeon

For some of the accessories without shop costs, it's possible we've missed a spot that does, in fact, sell them. If so, let us know! We'll keep this guide updated as we double-check our own findings in the days to come but for now, the dungeon locations ought to work just fine.

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