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There are two ways to get a lot of power and abilities in Roblox Project New World, and one of them is Devil fruits. Being a game designed around One Piece, these Devil Fruits play a big role when you're fighting different mobs or players in the game. Although, the process to get one of these fruits can be quite hard.

Devil Fruits are divided into different rarities, and each of them has a set of abilities. Of course, the chances of getting a certain fruit are also lowered with a higher rarity, but you can also use a lower-rarity fruit and do wonders with it.

How To Get Devil Fruits In Project New World

Devil Fruits essentially work as a weapon in Project New World since you can equip the fruit and use its abilities to deal damage and crowd-control the mobs and players alike. The only difference is that you won't be able to perform a basic attack when you have the devil fruit equipped, and you will have to switch to Combat or Weapon to do that.

There are three ways to get Devil Fruits in Project New World:

  • For a beginner, the best chance to get a Devil Fruit is by looking for them in their natural habitat, under the trees. Every hour, Devil Fruits spawn under different trees across the map in the game, and you can simply pick them up. You can click on settings while you're in the game to check the server age that determines the spawn of these fruits.
  • The second way to get Devil Fruits is through Gacha. There is a fruit vendor beside a building on the starter island near spawn. When you talk to this vendor, you can spin a fruit for $125k Beli, 50 Gems, or Robux. This spin has a very rare chance of dropping a Legendary, and you'll mostly get Common and Uncommon fruits here.
  • The third way to get Devil Fruits is also through the vendor since he has a shop that has all the fruits. In this shop, you can always unlock the fruits permanently using Robux, or you can buy them with Beli if they're in stock. While the shop gets restocked every two hours, the chances of Rare and Legendary fruits restocking are pretty low.

It's rare to come by a Devil Fruit under a tree, but it's your best bet if you've just started playing the game. You can buy the Fruit Notifier from the Battle Pass if you want to get a notification whenever a fruit spawns in the world and its location.

Although, this Fruit Notifier costs quite a lot, so it might be better to buy the fruit you love from the shop instead.

Devil Fruit Tier List In Project New World

Finally, here's a tier list of all the devil fruits based on their usage and abilities:






























Tier lists are subjective and you might not agree with the placement of a certain fruit in this one. There are a lot of PvE and PvP-related aspects that determined the position of the fruits.

All Devil Fruit Abilities

There's quite a range of Devil Fruits that you can acquire in Project New World, and here is a list of all their abilities:


Fruit Name

Ability Name

Ability Description




Upon triggering this ability, the user becomes invisible, and your stamina starts draining slowly.


Spin Flight

The only ability of this fruit allows you to fly in any direction you want using the spinning ability. Your stamina is drained as you fly around.


Spike Shot

Creates an AoE spike attack that can be aimed, and it damages all the enemies within that area.

Spike Thorns

This attack is similar to Spike Shot, except it spawns the spikes out of the ground and the ability deals damage a little faster.



Triggers a giant explosion at your player's position, dealing heavy damage to the surrounding enemies or players. This attack prevents you from moving as your player charges up.

Booger Bomb

This ability can be aimed and it throws a bomb that explodes whenever it hits any surface. It can be used to deal long-range damage to enemies.


Upon triggering this ability, your player will generate three explosions on their left and right side, each of them dealing damage in an area.



The passive ability of this weapon prevents you from taking any damage from sword basic attacks. This is great for PvE since a ton of bosses use a sword as a weapon.

Split Car

The player transforms into a car that has high speed, and you can also drive the car on water, which makes it easier to travel.


Similar to the Clown Boss, this ability disintegrates your body and sends it in different directions, dealing damage in a large AoE.

Chop Fist

This ability allows the player to cut their hands and send them in the aimed direction, dealing damage to enemies in the path.


Barrier Stairs

With this ability activated, stairs will spawn midair in the direction you're walking. This can be used to traverse through the giant world, but you'll constantly go higher while using the ability.

Barrier Trap

Traps a mob or a player inside a barrier for a few seconds, making it easier to kill them or get far away.

Barrier Crash

Throws a barrier in a certain direction, dealing damage to the enemies and pushing them back.




Spawns an Umbrella in a player's hands that constantly drag them upwards while consuming stamina. You can use this ability to travel through the water.

Kilo Jump

Jumps in the air and smashes the ground, dealing damage in an area.

Kilo Walk

Throws an AoE attack in the direction you're aiming. This attack goes in a straight line and pushes back enemies.


Smoke Flight

Allows you to fly in any direction at a high speed.

Smoke Tornado

Throws a smoke tornado in the direction you're aiming, dealing damage to the enemies in its path.

Smoke Punch

Throws a cloud of smoke in the direction you're aiming, dealing damage in a decent AoE.

Smoke Cloud

Summons a giant smoke explosion on your player's position and deals damage in a large area.


Sand Fly

Similar to every other flight, this allows you to fly in any direction at high speed.

Sand Eruption

Summons a sand explosion wherever you're aiming, dealing damage in a large area.

Sand Tornado

Throws a tornado in a straight line in the direction you're aiming that damages enemies in its path.


Summons a line of sand in the aimed direction that deals damage in a straight line within a decent area.



Gas Mode

Increases the speed at which your player runs or walks, and gives a boost while you're jumping. This ability constantly consumes stamina.


Creates a gas explosion within a large AoE that deals damage to all the enemies.

Gas Zone

Creates a large area filled with gas that constantly damages the enemies inside.

Gas Decimation

This ability can be aimed in any direction, and it creates an explosion wherever it hits.



Once this ability is activated, giant rectangles of snow spawn in a large AoE that deals damage to anyone inside.

Snow Tornado

Forms a tornado that goes forward and has a large AoE. It deals damage to everyone it hits.


Creates an AoE snow explosion at the location of your server.

Glacial Lance

This ability allows you to hold a lance on top of your head. Upon release, this lance travels in the aimed direction and creates an AoE attack once it lands.


Rock Fly

Summons a rock from the ground that lets you fly in any direction, consuming your stamina slowly.


Summons a meteor wherever you're aiming, dealing heavy damage in an area.

Gravity Push

Uses the force of gravity to deal damage to the enemies in front of you and push them back.

Gravity Pressure

Summons an area of intense gravity that immobilizes everyone in the area for a few seconds while dealing massive damage.

Meteor Rain

This ability is similar to Meteor, except it summons a bunch of meteors to fall on the designated area.



This fruit is quite special since it transforms you into a giant Buddha when you use this ability.


In the Buddha form, smashes the ground and creates an AoE explosion


In the Buddha form, summons a few pillars that go in a straight line, dealing damage to everyone in the way.


After a second of charging up, this ability creates a giant explosion in a large AoE.


Dark Fly

Converts the player into a dark cloud, allowing you to fly in any direction. Although, your vision is hampered when you're flying with this fruit.

Dark Bomb

This ability allows you to throw a dark bomb in any direction you aim at, dealing AoE damage.

Dark Vortex

Applies a vortex to your character, pulling on all the enemies and players within a certain area.

Black Hole

Triggers a giant explosion around your character's current position.


Red Paw

Spawns a red paw in your hand that deals damage in the direction you're aiming.

Paw Nuke

This ability can also be aimed, and it triggers an explosion in a giant AoE upon release.

Paw Shot

Shoots a paw in front of you, dealing damage and pushing enemies in a small area.

Paw Barrage

Shoots a bunch of paws in a direction you're aiming that deals constant damage to the enemies.


Fire Fly

Summons a lot of fire that allows you to fly in any direction.

Fire Pillar

Summons a circular area on your player's location that rotates and deals damage to the enemies.

Fire Flies

Throws a bunch of fire missiles that auto-aim to the nearest enemies and deal damage.

Fire Fist

Throws a ball of fire in the designated direction, dealing damage upon impact.

Flame Emperor

Spawns a fire meteor on top of the player that grows over a couple of seconds. You can release this meteor to deal heavy damage on impact.


Shock Ball

Throws a fast shock ball in front of you, dealing damage to the enemies in its path.

Tremor Launch

This ability creates a giant explosion on the ground, sending everyone hit flying.

Tremor Smash

Smashes the ground and deals damage in a small area.

Quake Tsunami

Uses the power of quake to spawn two water waves that crush the enemies from different directions.



Thunder Palm

Creates an explosion in a giant AoE, dealing high damage to opponents.

Electricity Teleport

This ability works similarly to the flash step, and it allows you to teleport in any direction.

Electric Beam

Summons a long electric beam that constantly deals damage to the enemies it hit.

Lightning Strike

Strikes the designated area with lightning, dealing high damage to enemies.


Summons a giant Electro Meteor at the designated spot that grows over time and deals damage constantly.



Allows the player to walk on water.

Ice Surge

Stomps the ground and summons a bunch of icicles in the direction you're aiming, freezing everyone who gets hit.

Ice Skate

Summons ice below your feet that increases your speed and allows you to skate on ground and water.

Ice Lances

Throws ice lances in the aimed direction, dealing a lot of AoE damage.

Ice Pierce

Summons one icicle at the designated spot, hitting the enemies hard.

Ice Age

Creates giant icicles all around the player, dealing constant damage in a giant AoE.


Light Fly

The flight ability works a little differently for this fruit. It allows you to move in the direction you're aiming when you start the ability at a higher speed than other fruits, but you can't change your direction. Upon hitting a surface, you'll get rebounded in a different direction.

Sacred Jewels

Your player stays in the same position throughout this ability, and it constantly spawns large explosions where you're aiming.

Light Sword

Dash in the aimed direction, dealing damage to everyone in the path.

Mirror Kick

The player moves in a zigzag pattern when you activate this ability and deals an AoE damage at the end of the attack.


Similar to Electricity Teleport, this ability can also teleport you in any direction.


You can hold and aim this ability for quite long, and it summons a giant explosion wherever you send it.



Allows the player to walk on water.

Magma Flight

Allows the player to fly with the power of Magma.

Magma Meteor

Summons giant meteor that deals damage at the designated spot.

Magma Pool

Upon activating this ability, your player slams the ground and makes a giant pool of lava, dealing damage to the enemies.

Magma Fist

Throws a bunch of Magma balls in the area you're aiming, dealing damage to the enemies.

Magma Rain

Throws a bunch of Magma in the sky that lands in the area you're aiming for.

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