Rockstar Insider Claims This San Andreas Definitive Edition Picture Easter Egg Is From GTA 6

An insider has claimed that the new painting found within the definitive edition of GTA San Andreas is indeed an image from GTA 6.

Although GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition launched to a pretty rough reception, there were some bright spots that kept players a little bit more upbeat. One example of this is the framed picture that can be found in the updated San Andreas' Lil' Probe'Inn, which shows a detailed picture of a house that looks similar to what you'd see in Florida.

Ever since that picture was found, its high level of detail and the fact it can't be found in GTA 6 has caused fans to speculate that it could be our first look at GTA 6, as Rockstar is known for putting hints at future games in its latest releases.

As reported by GamesRadar+, Rockstar insider Matheusvictorbr reported that his sources have now confirmed to him that the house is indeed a first look at GTA 6 and that it's indeed inspired by a house in Florida.

Matheusvictorbr said, "After a few months, I have confirmed that this image is from the next title in the Grand Theft Auto series. The location in-game is possibly inspired by an American suburb, in the vicinity of Hollywood, Florida. Perfection!"

It's not clear how accurate Matheusvictorbr has been in the past when it comes to these kinds of leaks, but considering all of the evidence in the favour of this being a sneak peek at GTA 6, it makes sense that the information is correct. Suddenly that hole in the clouds that some say looks like a six isn't quite as far-fetched.

The journey to figure out where the house is from has been a long one, with fans actually cross-referencing the house with locations around the world to see what it most resembled. Some were even checking which kind of tree could be found in the front yard and what that might mean for GTA 6.

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