Rockstar News: GTA 5 Online DLC update and Bully 2 rumours

Fans of GTA 5 Online are waiting on the next major DLC release from Rockstar Games on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Regular updates to the popular multiplayer mode have been dropping off since the launch of Rockstar’s latest title, Red Dead Redemption 2.

And fans are now waiting to find out what is being planned for 2019 in GTA Online.

The good news is that we know the studio are still planning updates for the game on all next-gen platforms.

The bad news is that we don’t know what size these new content drops will be and when they might arrive.

One way gamers have been keeping track of GTA Online updates is by checking the game’s QAbeta database.

Minor updates usually stop a week before something big is about to be released for GTA 5.

This has happened so far this week, meaning a big GTA 5 Online update isn’t expected.

And if it isn’t happening this week, there’s a good chance that Rockstar Games will wait until May to launch their next DLC.

There is also the question on what will be included in the next major update for GTA 5’s multiplayer Mode.

New vehicles are expected, with a sequel to the Arena War DLC also a possibility.

New Arena Events, Vehicles and mods would make for an easy expansion for Rockstar Games, although it wouldn’t explain why fans have had to wait so long for new content.

And while this new stuff would prove popular with some fans, others will be hoping for additional money-making activities.

Until we find out about the next expansion, fans can continue to stockpile cash for whatever new content is released.

Rockstar is offering double rewards on all Contact Missions this week, with an extra cash bonus available for completing them as part of a group.

And if you have the time to complete a Heist, then unlocking Doomsday is probably your best bet.

“Hidden deep inside Mount Chiliad, a nuclear warhead is poised to destroy the world as we know it. Your task is to infiltrate the base, prevent the warhead from launching, and then make a jetpack-assisted getaway on your way to the bank. And for your efforts, you’ll receive 2X the GTA$ and RP,” a message from Rockstar explains.

Completing the Doomsday Heist again is probably the best way to grab the most substantial amount of in-game cash.

There is also a 40% discount on Facilities and some weaponised necessities running this weekend, covering Facilities and Facility Add-Ons and Renovations.

Rockstar news this week has also revealed that the famous game studio is working on multiple new projects.

While supporting Red Dead Online and GTA 5 is a huge undertaking, it appears that other games are also in the works.

GTA 6, while not announced yet, is probably being worked on, especially considering that GTA 5 came out in 2013.

A resume linked to former Rockstar employees suggests that Rockstar is working on an unannounced project that isn’t GTA 6.

And that would mean either something new or a game from the studio’s past.

There’s been a lot of speculation over a new Bully game being released on PS4 and Xbox One in the future.

So this latest news has given those hoping for an announcement new hope.

Some of these rumours were sparked casting calls being made for a new AAA game.

Request for a “new unannounced video game title with a leading UK games developer, shooting at Pinewood Studios,” made the rounds in late 2018.

The casting calls were reportedly looking for people to fill young roles, none of which have been given full character names.

Details of the roles include: “Mild violence and profanity will be used in scenes with the young performer.

“The project itself is a thriller/drama, and all scenes with the young performer will be handled with sensitivity.”

There have also been calls for actors to fill College Professor roles, narrowing down the idea that this could be for Bully 2.

However, until Rockstar Games reveal their plans for 2019, fans will have to wait and see.

Rumours and reports always need to be taken with a pinch of salt as plans can change quickly.

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