Rogue Company: A Complete Guide To Chaac

One of the slyest Rogues in Rogue Company is named Chaac which is why so many players love to use him. The use of his incredible close-range weapons with an ability that makes him basically unkillable makes for a deadly combination. There a few facts that can deepen your understanding of Chaac and improve your gameplay.

He is a duelist, which means he was made for aggressive playstyles and those who like to be at the center of the action. You can come out on top in these fights with Chaac if you listen to these tips and tricks!



  • SKL-6 (Shotgun)
  • D40-C (Submachine Gun)


  • Spitfire (Pistol)


  • Katana


  • Flashbang: temporarily blinds anyone within a certain distance of the blast
  • Semtex Grenade: when thrown, it sticks to surfaces or people and then explodes


  • Shredder Rounds: carry more ammunition and deal more damage to equipment
  • Cloaked: unable to be revealed by enemies
  • Stalker: removes the movement penalty when aiming down sights
  • Helping Hand: teammates are revived faster
  • Replenish: when you down an enemy the ammo in your weapon and on your person is replaced
  • Life Drain: when you down an enemy your health is regenerated for a large amount in a short period of time

What To Buy First In The Shop

The D40-C is by far the better weapon and it should be the first thing you buy, but the Spitfire can get you by for a round if you don’t have the cash. It is worth it to upgrade this weapon as it will reduce the recoil and make it very accurate in a fight.

Once this is done you should buy one of the gadgets based on your personal preference, but you can also buy this before completely upgrading the D40-C if the recoil doesn’t bother you. When this is done, some players prefer to go with Cloaked, especially if there is a Dallas on the other team, or save up their cash for Replenish or Life Drain.


  • Active: Revive yourself when downed or overheal yourself to add three full bars to your health
  • Passive: When downed, you’re given increased health and the ability to perform a dodge roll

How To Use Them

Chaac’s active ability actually has two uses, but both provide him with health. The first is that when he is downed, he can revive himself but he should only use it when he’s sure he can pull it off in time during combat.

The other way he can use it is before entering combat as he can add up to three extra health bars that will give him an edge over the competition. However, be wary as these last for a limited amount of time and don’t provide as much health as a normal bar.

Counters Against Them

The biggest counter to Chaac is that when he is downed opponents learn to finish him off immediately so he can’t revive himself, although it is something beginners often don’t realize. He has no way to defend himself during a revive, which leaves him vulnerable if he doesn’t have a teammate to provide cover fire.

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