Roughly 20% Of Switch Sales Are From Households That Already Own One

Nintendo has recently revealed that roughly 20% of all Nintendo Switch sales came from households that already owned one.

The financial year recently came to an end which has revealed a whole bunch of news regarding the sales statistic of our favorite games and consoles. Today’s news comes from Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa who recently revealed to investors that a fair amount of people who already have a Switch are buying a second.

In fact, Nintendo actually expects this number to grow as shown in Furukawa’s full statement where he claims “we expect demand for multiple systems per household will increase even as hardware unit sales grow.” this number is likely helped along by the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite back in 2019 as well as the console’s explosive popularity over the past year.

It was also recently announced that the Nintendo Switch has sold 84.59 million units since launch, surpassing the Xbox 360 in terms of lifetime sales. This number means that a whopping 16.91 million of those sales are down to multi-buyers. It’s likely that Nintendo will be putting more effort into raising this number, and with the recent rumors of Nintendo working on a more powerful version, the Switch has a good chance of rivaling the PlayStation 2 as the world’s most popular console.

And that doesn’t even take into consideration some of the big titles that Nintendo has planned for later down the line. Recently Furukawa revealed that the company is planning to release “many” games later in the year, with one insider suggesting that a new Mario Kart game is going to be released in 2022. With big releases such as Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and Breath of the Wild 2 still to come, it’s likely that Nintendo Switch hardware sales will increase over the coming year.

As Nintendo has shown over the past year, all it takes is for the right game to come along at the right time to create explosive success. It was recently revealed that Animal Crossing: New Horizons made up almost 10% of all Switch game sales over the past financial year and Nintendo’s success in its hardware is difficult not to attribute to the success of Animal Crossing. Nintendo is certainly killing it at the minute, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

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