Rumor: The PS5 Controller Will Be Backwards Compatible With The PS4 Console

With Sony planning to make the eventual announcement regarding the PS5 sooner or later, rumors and speculations have been circulating around the internet that talk about the console’s features, power, look, and a lot more. The latest rumor to grace the internet deals with the console’s controller. Though it has nothing to do with the look, the rumor actually talks about backwards compatibility with the current PS4 console.

According to obtained information that comes from PlayStation France, PS5’s controller will have the ability to be used with the PS4 console. Specifically, the information comes from a support page that lists the differences between available PS4 models. In the section that talks about “DualShock compatibility,” the columns list DS4/DS5.

Considering that the PS4 controller’s official name is the DualShock 4 (or DS4), it is very possible to assume that DS5 stands for DualShock 5, thus referencing the next console’s controller. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Sony has not given an official name to the next controller, so DS5 could be something different in this case. Ultimately, the listing could have been an error on PlayStation France’s support page.

If the rumor is to be true, then it could be seen as a step in the right direction for the PS5. Backwards compatibility is one of the biggest factors that can make consumers get a desired console. With the ability to play games that came out for previous consoles, backwards compatibility opens doors for so many more games (and ultimately sales of those games). With the PS4 not having backwards compatibility (which is partially due to PlayStation Now), having the desired feature for the PS5 would be huge, especially since the next generation Xbox console will have that feature.

From a more technical standpoint, having the PS5 controller be backwards compatible with the PS4 console would be interesting to say the least. What kind of features and advantages would the controller offer to the PS4, and how would the PS4 benefit from that in return? With the PS5’s inevitable announcement, it’s only a matter of time before all the questions are put to rest.

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