Rune Factory 4 Special: Gift Guide

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Life in Selphia is not all about beating up monsters and farming until nightfall. No, Rune Factory 4 is full of interesting characters that you can get to know, become friends with, take on adventures, and even date in some cases.

One feature of the game is the ability to give gifts to people. Walk up to someone and hand them whatever lovingly crafted, newly harvested, or craftily looted item you have in your hands. They might love it… but they may also hate it. Getting to know the tastes of your neighbors is the least you could do.

Gift Tastes

The following tables detail the tastes of the residents of Selphia, as well as some recurring visitors that you may recognize from past Rune Factory games. The system is pretty basic: you will gain more friendship points if you give someone a gift they like or love, and you'll lose points for disliked gifts.

You can only give an individual resident a gift once per day.

TIP: Don't worry if you are stuck at friendship level three with Doug – it's nothing to do with gifts, he is simply locked at a maximum of three until you reach the second act of the game.

If an item does not show up, the resident will be neutral towards it.


ArthurGolden Turnip, Golden Tyrant Turnip, Salmon Onigiri, Turnip HeavenAll spectacle items, all varieties of Turnip, Can, Rare CanGrilled S. Flounder, Scrap Metal
DougTempura BowlBaked Onigiri, Bamboo Rice, Egg Bowl, Milk Porridge, Omelet Rice, Onigiri, Rice, Rice Porridge, Risotto, Salmon OnigiriButter Roll, French Toast, Jam Roll, Raisin Bread, Steamed Bread
DylasGlitter Snapper, Lover Sashimi, Lover Snapper, Milk Porridge, Sunsquid Sashimi, TunaCarrot, Any Fish, Milk and milk-based dishes, any other sashimi dishesSweet dishes such as Cake, Flan, and Honey
KielBoss drops such as Ambrosia's Thorns and Lightning Mane, Chocolate Cake, StewSweet dishes such as Cake, Flan, and HoneySashimi dishes
LeonGrilled Lamp Squid, Salted R. TroutCharm Blue, Blue Lamp Grass, all fish dishes made with the Frying Pan, Poison Trout, Lamp Squid, Rainbow TroutMilk and milk-based dishes
VishnalAny curry dish (not curry spice)All vegetables except Turnips, Croquette, Steamed Gyoza, Meat Dumpling, Fried Rice, Flan, Ice Cream, Chinese ManjuTurnips, Pickle Mix, Rock


AmberEmery Flower, Gold Juice, Mixed SmoothieAny flowers or fruit, any juice dishes, HoneyAny fish, Ironleaf
CloricaStone items, Orichalcum, Platinum, Diamond, Apple Pie, Red Core, Blue CoreApples and other apple dishes, sweet dishes such as Cake, Flan, and Honey, Gold, Silver, any JewelleryGrapes and grape-based dishes
DolceAll cake items, Flan, Apple PieAll other sweet items and dessert dishes, Moondrop Grass, Medicine, Relax Tea, Sewing MaterialAll vegetables and juice dishes
ForteCake, Chocolate Cake, Union Stew, Omelet RiceEggs and egg dishes, any flowers, any sweets and dessert dishes, any dishes made in the PotAny curry dish
MargaretAny golden crops, Golden Juice, Pineapple Juice, Pink Melon, Prelude to LoveAll other sweet items and dessert dishes including jam dishes and fruit, Shrimp, MushroomAny Squid or Sunsquid-based dishes
Xiao PaiBig White Crystal, Emery FlowerBoiled Gyoza, Chinese Manju, Fried Rice, Gyoza, ToyherbSalad, Sandwich, Tomato, Tomato Juice

Other Residents

BadoEgg Bowl, Tempura BowlOnigiri, Salmon Onigiri, Scrap MetalBronze, Cheese Fondue
BarrettAny Salmon-based dishes, Skipjack SashimiIron
BlossomRisottoDried Sardines, Milk Porridge, Relax Tea, any vegetables including vegetable juiceAny medicine items
IlluminataRelax Tea, Relax Tea LeavesAny dessert dishes, Toyherb, any Bread dishesPickles
JonesFried RiceFlan, Grilled S. Flounder, Salted Masu Trout Tempura, Udon, and Miso dishes, Moondrop FlowerDevil Blood, Tomato Juice
Lin FaMilk PorridgeMilk and milk-based dishes, Onigiri dishes, Rice, Rice Porridge, Meat Dumpling, Chinese Manju, Bamboo Rice, Tempura BowlUdon-based dishes
NancyStewCheese and cheese-based dishes, Omelet and Omelet Rice, Flan dishes, Risotto, Rice, Seafood Doria, Gratin, Moondrop FlowerLamp Squid, Rainbow Trout, Object X
PorcolineBamboo Shoot, Cabbage, Mushroom, PumpkinAny dishesAny medicine items
RavenAny pendant accessoriesCrystals, flowers, metals, and jewelsFish Bones, Skull
VolkanonRelax TeaSweet items such as Honey, Sweet PotatoLumber, Material Stone
VentuswillPancaked, golden vegetablesHoney, Mushroom, any vegetables other than golden vegetablesItems that drop from Dragon bosses, Skill Seals

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