Scalpers Taking Entire Boxes Of Pokemon McDonald’s Toys Before They Make It Into Happy Meals

Scalpers, they ruin getting a PS5 and are now going after Happy Meal Pokemon Cards. In true scalper fashion, boxes of unopened Pokemon Cards bound for McDonald’s are seemingly ending up on eBay for crazy prices, and individual packs are being sold as well.

The complete set, which contains 50 cards in total plus holographic versions, was meant to celebrate Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary in collaboration with the fast food giant. Frustrated that the cards are seemingly being intercepted before even making it into Happy Meals, some took to Social Media to call out both McDonald’s and eBay. One box reportedly sold for about $800.

A few possibilities exist on how this is happening: the boxes are being sold by employees to scalpers, or the employees are the scalpers themselves trying to profit off the Pokemon hype. Both would most likely get one fired and into big legal trouble. The other possibility is that the shipment never makes it to the store and is being taken directly from the shipping depot by an insider.

This is still a big mystery and not great for anyone really hoping to get their hands on some of these cards. To rely on the secondary market for a McDonald’s Pokemon Cards, which are supposed to come in a children’s meal, is disturbing.

Yes, you have rare and vintage Pokemon TCG first editions up for auction or box breaks that only the elite can afford but these promos are supposed to be a chance for everyone who wants one to snap one up.

This seems to be a running theme for the last couple of months. Those who truly want a hot item such as a PS5 or Pokemon Cards not being able to get them and those who want to profit swooping in before a consumer has a chance. One, wouldn’t think McDonald’s Pokemon Cards would fall in the same category as the PS5, but here we are.

No word from McDonald’s yet on just what is going on here, but it’s not looking too good when entire shipping boxes are being seen for sale on eBay. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.

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